skin care

Summer Glow (See Jane Emit)

Confession:  I love spray tans.  It makes me feel instantly more confident and radiant; it’s an instant pick me up,if you will.  I wear sunscreen every day and don’t spend a lot out time outside these days (see: indoor job), but I really enjoy having a glow about me.  I’m all about embracing what works […]

Furrowed Brow (See Jane Squint)

I stare at a computer all day at work and I’m betting that many of you can relate.  Do you ever catch yourself, hunched over, shoulders rolled forward, squinting 5-inches from the computer screen?  It’s a shameful position, really.  Whenever I catch myself like that, I immediately shoot up, sit up as straight as I […]

Drugstore Wonders (See Jane Buy Cheap)

We all have them either tucked away in our medicine cabinet or deep into our bags.  I, for one, have several drugstore cosmetics and toiletries that I can’t live without.  What I look for in a quality drugstore item is good ingredients, even better price, and results (naturally).  Most everyone has favorite drugstore mascaras, but […]

Routines (See Jane With Acne)

Skincare was never a concern of mine until recently. Although I was never addicted to tanning, my sole concern was rougeoyer and to maintain that glow. I sashayed through college, blemish-free, using Oil of Olay face wash that I picked up at the local Kroger. Sometimes (ok, often), I would sleep with my make-up on. […]