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Skincare Products I Keep Buying

It’s hard to claim you love a skincare product when you don’t feel compelled to re-buy it.  There are a handful of special products–“HG status” products, that I keep buying, even if I’m lured to try something new.  And hey, it’s the nature of the business; I love trying new things and telling you guys […]

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Take a Compliment with Kopari

As you know, I absolutely love trying new skin products.  Do you know what I like even better?  When they do what they claim.  You’ve probably heard of Kopari lately – it’s a beauty brand with coconut oil at its core.  I’ve really been leaning into toxin-free beauty and skincare (my complete switch to natural […]

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My 5-Minute Makeup Routine

A reader recently asked what my easy makeup essentials were and I thought, I can really simplify that and let you know what I put on my face most days.  So here it is: my 5-minute makeup routine.  It’s quick and actually five minutes (each step takes 30 seconds or less) and it’s what’s on […]

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My Current Skincare Routine + Tula Review

I receive quite a big of questions about my skincare routine (and about Tula) but before I dive right in and tell you exactly what I use, I want to give you a backstory on my skin.  I’ve always had slightly acne-prone skin.  I never had terrible acne in high school but would have my […]

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