New Home Finds for Spring

new spring home decor

It’s time to start searching for new spring home decor! This year, we’re embracing a chill, timeless approach to spring decor. Think soft, natural colors that transition from winter to spring to summer. My inspiration behind spring home decor is very similar to how I look at my closet. I make sure pieces work for a number of seasons. I can’t wait to revamp my closet for spring too — If you need some inspo, check out my previous spring style posts here

This “less is more, but make it springy” vibe totally aligns with some of the new home decor arrivals from Walmart and Target. These budget-friendly pieces may be new but I love that they have a timeless feel too so you won’t be bored with them by next year. Remember, the key to timeless spring decor is to create a light yet inviting atmosphere. Let the pops of color and natural textures be the stars of the show! Don’t be afraid to mix and match with high end and more affordable pieces too. I also shared a reel here mixing high and low fashion items. Plus, check out Facebook marketplace for inspo (it’s the place to be, promise).


  • Your advice to create a soothing yet inviting atmosphere with pops of color and natural textures is spot on! And I couldn’t agree more about mixing high-end and low-end items. It’s a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your decor. I watched your reel on how to combine high-end and low-end fashion items, and it really inspired me to play Traffic Jam 3D more.

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