Why I Use a Vitamin C Serum in my Skincare Routine

If I’ve learned anything from years of dabbling in skincare and getting facials here and there, it’s that a Vitamin C serum is important.  A Vitamin C in a serum form seems to be the most effective way for me to use it (rather than just putting an orange on your face, I suppose)  And almost every facialist I’ve ever seen has said to me, “you use Vitamin C, don’t you?” because they can TELL and the results are reflected in your skin health!  It prevents and fades dark spots, brightens, and repairs damage–it’s a wonder product!

What IS a Vitamin C anyway?

It’s a potent antioxidant that helps generate new cells and repair damaged ones–basically it protects and repairs your skin.  Oftentimes it’s combined with other antioxidants (Vitamin E, Ferulic acid, etc) for an extremely effective product.

Vitamin C Benefits:

  • Heals surface damage
  • Prevents onset of wrinkles
  • Fades dark spots
  • Boosts collagen production

How do I use it?

After cleansing and toning in the morning.  I use about four drops of a Vitamin C serum and follow it with a moisturizer (lately I’ve been loving the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Serum followed by the Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier) and sunscreen (super important). 

I currently can’t use retinol but a combo of vitamin C (daytime)+ retinol (nighttime–Love Skinceuticals version) = amazingness.  (USE SUNSCREEN–try this one or Supergoop!)

What to look for in a Vitamin C Serum?

  • L-absorbic acid – it’s most stable and effective form of vitamin C
  • Vitamin C + E = increases effectiveness against free radical damage
  • A dark bottle–it keeps light and helps maintain efficacy.

Where to start?

Any questions I didn’t answer? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • I’ve been really interested in trying the skinceuticals vitamin C serum but it’s so expensive! Is it worth the price in your opinion?

    • It is–it’s so effective and one bottle lasts months because you only use 4 drops in the morning. I really like Marie Veronique’s version, too, but it doesn’t last as long!

  • I love the Obagi Vitamin C! I would highly recommend. I’m pregnant too and been using Vitamin C in the morning and lactic acid in the evenings and it’s working well for me.

  • I have used vitamin C products for years. I’ve tried many bottles of the the ones you mentioned like Skinceuticals, Sunday Riley, and Obagi as well as Skinmedica. Other than a few differences, especially in scents and cents (more like dollars), I honestly can’t tell which is the most eficacious. Anyway, I was wondering if you ever tried any of The Ordinary vitamin Cs. I am currently using them after years of spending $$$$ on big names. My game plan is to save $ on products and use it for laser treatment to remove age spots on my face as years of expensive product application has had very little impact on these spots. I do see a difference in skin texture but these spots are stubborn.

  • @ELEE I have tried the Ordinary products and I know some people rave about them but I just didn’t find them very effective. However, I DO know some people that love and rave about them so it doesn’t hurt to give them a try! (My favorite Ordinary product was the Hyaluronic Acid).

    Skinceuticals has been my favorite (but I haven’t tried Obagi) because it has brightened my skin and improved skin texture (like you mentioned!).

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