Half Moon Jamaica Review (and What I Wore)

woman at the poolside of Half Moon Jamaica

Target swimsuit (old but they have it in a new cream color this year!), Amazon sunglasses

Gosh, at this point our trip to Jamaica feels like it was a lifetime ago when it was really only about 5 weeks back!  We booked it on a bit of a whim because it was around our 11th wedding anniversary.  Years ago, Eric and I talked longingly about taking a huge 10 year anniversary trip.  Thailand for a week?  Maybe a 10 day African safari?  Well, Covid came and so did our third baby so that was out of the question.  But we were lucky enough to get away for a quick jaunt to Jamaica this year and it was amazing!

Half Moon Jamaica Review (and What I Wore)

I polled my Instagram audience on Jamaica as I had never been and most of the votes were for Round Hill or Half Moon.  Round Hill was booked that weekend for a wedding so Half Moon was it!  It was a lovely property full of history and we booked the “newer” side and it was amazing.  Tons of pools, amenities, and the food was INCREDIBLE.  I loved the staff and they were so kind and welcoming.  They were super helpful in booking reservations for us each night when we arrived, as well.  The cocktails were incredible, too.

I think he best part was that Half Moon was SO close to the airport (yet it felt very secluded–how’d that do that?).  Often when you travel to gorgeous beach destinations, they can be a pain to get to and it’s planes, trains, and automobiles.  Also, we had a direct flight to Montego Bay from Chicago and the resort was, I kid you not, 12 minutes from the airport.  We were able to truly maximize our time.

We also visited the spa which was incredible. 

I am VERY choosy about spas and it was an amazing massage and experience (Eric agreed).

The only downside was that it’s a pain to leave the resort.  I knew we wouldn’t leave because our trip was short and it’s precisely why I picked Half Moon but usually I like to explore; Half Moon makes it so you don’t need to leave (or want to), but if you’re looking to venture out, you need to find transportation because it’s isolated and off a main highway.

So, what a quick trip and it was really a great getaway.  Eric and I have even talked about doing it again next year!  (And I know people will ask and yes, it would be great for kids, too!)

P.S. A few of the things I brought on the trip were from Rent the Runway; I *think* my code still works but use RTRANNAJ for 40% off your first two months of an 8 or 16 item wardrobe!  It’s definitely worth testing and I’ve been a huge fan.

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