What’s In My Medicine Cabinet (What’s Working and What’s Not)

The other day I showed you a peek into my medicine cabinet on instagram and jokingly said that no one asked for it.  To my surprise, many of you messaged me saying you did indeed want to see what was hiding inside my medicine cabinet. So, I snapped a quick pic–no rearranging or editing–this is exactly what my medicine cabinet looks like RIGHT NOW.  I didn’t gussy her up for a photo; instead, you get to see what I’m currently keeping in there and using on rotation.  

There’s a voyeuristic side of me that likes to see the same thing in other people’s lives.  I want to see your medicine cabinets, too, honestly.  And a few people asked where my husband’s stuff goes.  We have double sinks and he has his own medicine cabinet, although it’s much more sparse than mine.  (And luck would have it there’s a Sephora sale happening!)

Using often:

What I use sometimes:

  • Tax Luxe drops – they’re super effective, I just don’t always feel the need to be tan.
  • Dr. Brandt’s No Needles Neck Cream – my neck is what I’m self-conscious about; I’ve ALWAYS had horizontal lines and tech neck has made them even worse.  Help!  I need to remember to use this more but does Botox get rid of these neck lines?
  • Tata Harper Exfoliating Cleanser – it’s gritty so I only use it once in awhile when I really feel like I need a good scrub.
  • Subtle Energies Facial Oil – I love this stuff but it gets overlooked by all the newer stuff that comes in. It smells incredible and is a great facial oil at nighttime (they carry it at the Peninsula Spa!).
  • Tula Face Filter – I put this on before makeup sometimes and it’s a super light and flattering primer that gives you a nice glow.

What you don’t see:

  • A no-name facial oil (honestly, I don’t know the name–it’s in a different language and it came in a PR mailer, ha) that’s too big to fit in there (I use it for double-cleansing–see my post about it here)
  • Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin moisturizer – it’s so light and luxurious.  I use it every day and it’s in my makeup bag.
  • Tula cleanser – I use it in the shower and have been using it for a couple years.  It’s totally basic and I love it…Eric uses it, too  (use code ANNAJANE for 20% off–hope it still works!).

What I’m meh about:

  • Maelove Glow Maker – I wanted to love MaeLove! It’s an awesome price point but I really don’t think it did anything for my skin (and I used the whole bottle, except for a little I still have left).  Will not invite back into the medicine cabinet.
  • Beauty Pie Hyaluronic Acid – I feel like I’ve never liked a hyaluronic acid serum–am I using it wrong?  It just makes my face slippery.
  • Ouai Dry Shampoo foam – Literally makes my hair so greasy, thus defeating the purpose of dry shampoo.  Too bad because it smells so good!
  • RMS Raw Coconut Cream – It’s supposed to be a face “wash” slash make-up remover and while coconut oil works for that, this is literally just coconut oil.  I know some people swear by it as a cleanser, but I just think of popcorn and I can’t get past it.  I’m more inclined to use a cleansing balm from Elemis, Beautycounter, or Colleen Rothschild.
  • I have the Herbivore bakuchiol and unsure of its effectiveness. I use it in the am and retinol at night. So I’ve never used it alone. I did just pick up Herbivores 12% AHA Prism. It’s surprisingly gentle! So I use it in the morning as well to even out my texture since the dry weather is already killing me.

    I’m also hoping retinol will help combat text neck!

    • Yes – I’m up in the air on the Bakuchoil! I’ve been using it at night…might need to switch back to real retinol. I’ll have to have the 12% AHA prism! I do love the Marie Veronique C E Ferulic acid in the AM lately.

      I’ve heard microneedling on the neck helps lines….I’m going to look into it!

  • •Simple Shine natural jewelry cleaner – do not apply to face. HAHAHAHA!!

    I wish my products were this organized!

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