Four Natural Deodorants That Work For Me

I’ve been on that natural deodorant journey for a long time (read about it here) and I’m happy to say, they’ve come a long way, baby.  There’s so much competition out there that formulas are just getting better and better.  Back in the early days, my mom introduced me to the crystal–I mean, if you have hippie roots, than you know.  My mom has always been anti-aluminum under your arm pits and whether you buy into that or not, I have always leaned towards natural products, if possible.  It might also help that I’m not an excessive sweater.  But just because I am not a sweat machine, doesn’t mean my sweat smells good–God no.  But these deodorants have done the trick.  However, I need to give you a little tip: you MUST reapply after working out.  Otherwise, they won’t work.  They aren’t like your Dove, Secret, or Teen Spirit–they probably won’t last through a volleyball game and re-application is essential after a workout.

Also, I just am putting it out there that I LOVE to try new products.  This bish ain’t loyal.  I mean, I am, but I will try something new just for the sake of trying it.  And deodorant lasts a really long time for me.  It takes me awhile to get through a stick (unless it works horribly then I won’t finish it).  But the fact that it takes me so long to use a stick makes me realize that natural deodorant is a commitment and a journey.  I do think it takes awhile for your arm pits to get used to not having antiperspirant and it’s normal to have a bit of wetness.  I believe, with time, that your body acclimates and I personally haven’t used an antiperspirant since before I had Teddy (2016!).

Love Fresh – Extra-strength.  It *does* work but I’m not a fan of the consistency.  It also keeps you pretty dry, which is rare in the natural deodorant world.  I have the little size and it’s perfect for travel (if we ever get to do that again).  I also wanted to try an unscented one and it made me realize that I’m just more of a scented deodorant kind of gal.  Verdict: it works, not my favorite consistency, should have bought a scented stick.  (It does have baking soda in it, in case that makes you irritated.)

Kopari – I really like Kopari.  Now, it has a coconut base and that’s not everyone’s jam but I used it for well over a year and rebought it a few times.  I think it’s a trusty standby and I enjoy the light scent.  It works pretty well for me!  I also love that it rolls on easy. (Psst it’s part of the Sephora sale)

Corpus – I’m a recent user of Corpus and I decided I wanted to try one of the more expensive natural deodorants to see if there was a real difference.  I must say, I’m really enjoying it.  The scents smell expensive (they’d better, right) and it does keep the B.O. at bay!  You *do* need to re-apply after a workout but I’d recommend that for any natural deodorant.  It’s also been lasting forever.  The stick doesn’t ever seem to go down. Also, I’m a sucker for packaging and it’s beautiful.  Big thumbs up from me.

Native – Native is solid and widely available.  They have non-baking soda versions in case that irritates you and I think it works just fine.  In fact, I keep buying it for Eric and he’s been using it (will I ever get him off Old Spice for good? Your guess is as good as mine.). I think Native is a great way to dip your toe in the natural deodorant world because it’s sold just about everywhere and under $12.

P.S. I stopped using Schmidt’s awhile back.  I couldn’t find a scent I loved (I’m clearly big on scents) and sometimes it would irritate me.  I just feel like there’s tons of options now and even more I want to try!

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