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collage of items for Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday is a day late this week….but Target Wednesday doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! Target Tuesday A. gorgeous, rose-hued dot midi dress The seamless bra everyone loves Chunky cardigan goodness Fun, easy fanny pack for $20 WhoWhatWear always nails dresses The perfect cat eye sunglasses  Adorable flats that look expensive Gorgeous […]

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Best True Crime Podcasts

I love a good podcast, don’t you?  I listen to the NYT The Daily most mornings but I love to listen to a story–especially when I’m in the car.  Also, I am a lover of Dateline or Netflix documentaries–especially those of the true crime nature.  It must be all of the Are You Afraid of […]

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Why I’m Renewing Walmart+

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post! Summer is upon us!  And it’s about time to renew my Walmart+ subscription.   Life is resuming and we’ve been both traveling a lot and also out and about.  It’s still so convenient, there are still tons of benefits, and it’s still affordable. You’re not locked in and can […]

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Target Tuesday – Home + Fashion Finds

Target Tuesday – Home + Fashion Finds Fashion Finds  Green ruffle top – Ulla Johnson top vibes – anyone else? Panama Hat – I’m not a hat gal and therefore I hat spending a lot of money on them, but sometimes you need one.  This one reminds me of Janessa Leone (wish it was packable, […]

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My First Botox Experience – Q&A

My First Time Getting Botox Why did I get Botox? Oh, just a myriad of reasons: curiosity, getting older, starting to notice some lines, feeling like 2020 aged me to the nth degree, done having kids and wanting to feel a little refreshed after a stressful 2019 and 2020.   I fought against the current for […]

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prime day picks

Amazon Prime Day Picks

Why does Amazon Prime Day change every year?  Didn’t we just have it in October?  Anyway, I’m also doing an Amazon live stream tomorrow morning, Tuesday at 9:30AM with more Prime Day picks so be sure to tune in! Amazon Prime Day Picks Fashion Maxi dress – I have it in leopard from last year […]

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Our Place Knives Review

As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Our Place.  The Always Pan has been used basically every day in my household for the past year.  The nonstick capabilities are second to none and it’s so easy to clean.  (I also love the steamer insert.). Be sure to check out my original review on the […]

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Hatch Restore Review

I’m not much of a morning person.  I don’t sleep in (because I have three kids) but I have a hard time waking up early.  Blaring alarms give me flashbacks to high school and it’s so easy to keep snoozing on my phone.  Do you know what I miss?  Alarm clocks.  Like an actual alarm […]

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