The Billie Razor Review: Part II

I have to say, I am PUMPED for this partnership.  About six weeks ago, I was influenced by others to purchase the Billie razor.  I’d seen the ads on facebook and instagram and I’d seen my fellow bloggers talking about it, too.  I looked at the razor I had and knew I wasn’t that attached to it–plus, it’s expensive!  So, I took the plunge and dug into the Billie world.   (Check out my review of Billie in October!)

What makes it such a great razor?

  • There’s no pink tax.  Raise your hand if you hate that razors are ridiculously expensive.  Billie is changing the industry; the starter kit that includes a razor, magnetic holder, and two cartridges is only $9! (the razor I used to buy at the store was at least $15 for all that and did not include a magnetic holder.)
  • It’s a close shave.  Really close.  I use shower oil + the Billie razor and my legs are silky smooth.  Also, sometimes I don’t even use anything at all to shave with it because of the built-in charcoal shave soap is enough!  (Also, it works great on my bikini line and under arms.)
  • The magnetic razor holder is a game changer.  I used to always put my razors on the shower bench and they’d rust up quickly; I love that I can stick my Billie razor on my shower wall for an easy reach.
  • It’s a subscription service.  I know this can deter people but perhaps you’re like me and don’t realize that you need more razor cartridges until you are IN THE SHOWER.  Then I forget AGAIN to buy them when I’m about and about.  I have my Billie cartridges set up to come quarterly–you receive four (I really only shave once a week during the winter so that’s enough for me).  Perhaps in the summer I’ll have them come every other month.  And it’s so inexpensive! $9 for FOUR shaving cartridges is unheard of; that alone is what made me make the switch.
  • I love their marketing.  They *gasp!* actually show body hair.  I mean, most women’s razors show a woman with NO body hair shaving her already airbrushed, smooth leg.  Helpful.

I love when brands that I try and love reach out to work together–nothing could be better in my world.  Thank you to Billie for sponsoring this post!

billie razor review
billie razor review
billie razor review

  • Hi there! Long time fan, first time caller. I tried Billie after being influenced by you and others, and I must say, it’s crap. The branding is great, the price is fantastic, and I love supporting a company other than Gilette, but everyone I’ve talked to agrees that the razor itself is terrible. I’m bummed to see that my favorite bloggers aren’t giving honest reviews of the quality.

    • I’d love to hear why you don’t like it?

      I can say with 100% honesty that I love the razor. Did you see my review back in October? I Some people commented that they were meh about it and some loved it. (But it should be noted that just because I’m a fan of something doesn’t guarantee that everyone else will like it.) . My experience was that it gives me just as close a shave as Venus (a Gillette brand) and it’s so much cheaper! I have been using the razor since September and am a huge fan of how they’re shaking up the industry and providing a great product for a great price (razors are stupid expensive and it’s ridiculous).

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