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Meet Fin

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy–especially this time of year.  In this past year, I left my 9-5 (I mean, it wasn’t 9-5 at all, but you all get what I’m saying) job to work for myself.  With that, I thought, great!  I’m going to have so much time and freedom…um wrong.  I’m hustling […]

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I Want It All: Why I’m #InItTogether with LinkedIn

I’ve talked about my career journey on the blog before (working mom struggle post here); it’s a huge part of me and the blog itself has changed my career trajectory.  I’ve been challenging myself since the beginning of my career.  As a finance major who fell into management consulting, it was a new challenge every […]

My Sometimes Mom Style: Comfy Cool with Monrow

I have a confession:  I always swore I wouldn’t be the mom who started dressing down just because I had kids.  And at first I didn’t–but I had a 9-5 job in fashion that required some dressing up, meeting with clients or brands and setting the tone for the style in the office. Now, I […]

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Real Outfit Recap

I skipped last week’s Real Outfit Recap so I’m giving it to you a day early!  It’s been a CRAZY week because my sister and her whole family have been in town staying with us.  It reminds me of the Home Alone house (we do live in the same town, but sadly not that house) […]

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