Style Q&A

Well, hi!  So, back from the dead with a few questions that hit my lats Q&A and went unanswered.  Enjoy!

Style Q&A

What to wear to a symphony or ballet?

The symphony and ballet is a time to dress UP–enjoy it!  So, the times I’ve been to a symphony or ballet (and it’s been awhile), I think dressy and understated if not slightly modest.

Postpartum style essentials?

I got you in this post right here! It’s from when I was postpartum with Bennett in the throes of winter.

Cashmere set (top and joggers)?

Epitome of cozy but make it chic.  Great for working fro home or the holidays!

Casual but cute Thanksgiving looks?

So, you want to be cute but comfortable enough to fall asleep in a food coma, right?!  Dresses are always great for a less restrictive look but I do love a sweater and pant combo, too.

What to wear to a luxury desert resort (it’ll be cold)?

Hmm, where ya going?  Would love to come :). So, you can’t go wrong with luxe, cozy knits!  You’ll look chic and be warm at the same time.

Flares for tall girls!

I’m 5’9″ and know the importance of a flare that’s LONG ENOUGH.  Here are some pairs with a long inseam!

Are lug sole boots and loafers worth the investment?

YES!  Sure, they’re on trend right now, but so is everything that comes on the scene.  They’ve been on trend for a few seasons but I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon!  (PS They were EVERYWHERE on Parisian ladies and they know what they’re doing)

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