My Take: Postpartum Dressing During a Pandemic

I’m easing back into this whole “outfit” thing.  Postpartum dressing is not for the paint of heart.  Throw in a pandemic, and as you can probably guess, it’s kind of the worst slash nonexistent.   Your normal clothes don’t fit but also, you’re not going anywhere, so who cares, right?   BUT, for me personally, getting dressed helps me feel so much more productive.  Even if I’m sitting at home with the kids all day, I really can’t be in my pajamas.  I don’t know what it is, but if I don’t get dressed, I feel very scattered.  Do you ever feel the same?

So, my “hard pants” (ha–you know, jeans or pants with buttons, aka not leggings) still don’t fit.  I don’t expect them to–I’m only three months postpartum and as I shared on IG stories, I can’t seem to shed the baby weight while breastfeeding.  While some moms watch the weight melt away, it’s almost like my body is holding onto anything it can. I’m not stressing, but it does affect my wardrobe choices for the time being.

It all makes me kind of glad I had a fall baby because this winter I’ve been living in oversized sweaters and leggings.  Truthfully, I’ve never really been an oversized sweater and leggings kind of gal but I’ve truly embraced it for postpartum dressing–ESPECIALLY during the pandemic…in the wintertime, no less.  And whhen Amazon makes these cute $35 oversized Free People-esque sweaters, it’s had to resist/

Just for the record, I was late to the Spanx leggings game.  I didn’t believe the hype and I regret it.  Read my review on them from 2019 here.

postpartum style
leggings and oversized sweater

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