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We’ve all been there, so here it is: Last minute gift ideas that don’t look last minute! Let’s be honest: the holidays snuck up on us all this year. October through December always seems like such a blur with a million events and the stress of work for Q4. You’re probably neck-deep in wrapping paper, holiday events, and a gift list that’s looking more barer than ever. With a little creativity and these last-minute gift ideas, you can still save the day (and your sanity). Most are available through Amazon prime, but a select few do have holiday shipping cut offs so remember that when shopping! 

Gift for the sporty and adventerous: Pickleball paddles. This addictive sport is taking over parks and backyards like crazy, and even has me hooked. With a set this adorable, it looks far from last minute. You’ll get extra points for including cute socks they can wear when playing.

Gift for the host: Fondue kit. Whether it’s for cheese or chocolate, the host is sure to love this. It’s also great for moms who are struggling to find fun activities for their kids to do in the winter or for the men who always have guys over for football games. Everyone appreciates a good communal dip! 

Lastly, a gift for anyone: Sleep aid device. Give the gift of sweet dreams, because someone is ALWAYS going to need it. Maybe it’s the new mom, or the friend/family member struggling with insomnia. Have you heard of an adult saying they don’t want good sleep? You’ll be their hero come morning, guaranteed (unless they sleep through their alarm, but hey, they still got good sleep).  Oh, and throw in some Bombas slippers, too (code ANNAJANE20)!

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