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Shop my favorites from Amazon’s Big Spring Sale

From now, March 20th until March 25 you can score some amazing deals with Amazon’s Big Spring Sale event! Some of my favorite fashion picks and must-have beauty essentials are even in the sale. Since my Sunday Amazon favorites round ups over on Instagram stories get great feedback, I know you’ll be just as excited about this sale event.

Amazon’s big spring sale is Amazon’s biggest sale event since Prime Day. With items on sale in every category you can think of like vacuums, clothes, makeup or tech gadgets, there’s some good deals for everyone! 

The thing that’s most tricky about Amazon is that deals are constantly changing. New items can be added to the sale, some can be taken off, and prices can even increase or decrease. My tip for shopping Amazon’s Big Spring Sale is writing down a few things your wardrobe needs,  or look at items you liked/saved to see if they’re now on sale so you’re purchasing items you actually love or need. I’ve been browsing myself and there’s some tempting stuff up for grabs! I’ve noticed activewear and Spring dresses are pretty popular categories for deals.  PS – Don’t forget to check out my Spring capsule wardrobe blog post

The more I explore the Amazon Big Spring Sale, the more I realize just how many good fashion and beauty finds I’ve purchased on Amazon over the past few years.  I’ve rounded up some of my top picks in women’s clothing and beauty products in my Amazon storefront! There’s also a few home items I swear by, too. If it’s been on your radar, it might be on sale now!

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