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binge-worthy tv shows

Binge-Worthy Shows I’ve Been Watching on Netflix (and Hulu)

Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix and Hulu Anytime I post what I’m about to watch on TV, I receive so.many.messages that either you agree the show is amazing, or that you have the same impeccably cheesy taste in television and appreciate the rec.  Hey, I watch adn love take a serious show or film, but I […]

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Best of Memorial Day Sales

Rounding up some awesome sales for Memorial Day weekend!  Mostly clothes (take advantage if you can, because retailers need to move all the spring clothing that no one was buying due to COVID-19!) plus a few home sales.  I will keep updating this as I see more sales popping up. Anthropologie – 25% for AnthroPerks […]

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April’s Best Sellers

Quarantine has these best sellers looking quite different these days.  It’s a lot less clothes right now and it’s a lot more home items and skincare.  Hey, that’s ok–it’s a sign of the times.  We’ll eventually get to get out of our homes and wear normal outfits again, and when we do, I’ll be here […]

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quarantine recipes

Recipes to Try During Quarantine

Phew!  What.a.list.  When I asked you all for the best thing you’ve made during quarantine, you all really delivered.  Now, I received hundreds upon hundreds of responses AND also hundred of DMs in response to this question. (I love how you all have been cooking/baking up a storm, too!) And I truly tried my best […]

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work from home

How To Be Productive Throughout The Day

I worked in an office for 11 years before starting to work from home.  And whoa, it was an adjustment for me. Being at home taught me a little life lesson in how to be productive throughout the day.  I personally loved the social buzz that’s at any office.  Water cooler chatter?  Give it to […]

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Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style: A Review

I love a good curation of products–and I love them even more when they’re delivered to my house.  There’s that element of surprise and the discovery of products that you wouldn’t necessarily pick out on your own.  Heck, I worked for a company for 6.5 years that specialized in sending boxes of clothes to customers, […]

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march's best sellers

March’s Top Sellers

I’m a little late here but take a look at my top sellers for March–I don’t think you’ll be surprised at all. Amazon sunglasses (check out my Amazon shop here) Been wearing these nonstop and they’re $14.  Yep, $14. Bissell Steam Mop – You guys…I am so glad you are loving this steam mop as […]

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work from home outfits

A Guide to Work From Home Outfits

Alright, so I polled everyone on their work from home outfits; I wanted to know whether or not you’re working remotely in pajamas all day during quarantine.  I have been working from home (or a version of it) for two years now and I have a hard time staying in my pajamas all day.  I […]

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