The Last Three Books I Read

…yes, listening to audiobooks on Audible is reading!  I’ve been listening to a ton of titles lately and always receive DMs about my recommendations so I thought I would share here.

Pineapple Street – This was for my book club and it’s one of those books that would make a really good show.  I listened to it really quickly–it’s definitely entertaining but I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  It’s a voyeuristic look into a very wealthy (and slightly dysfunctional) family and how they live and interact with the world around them.  You know I love looking at how the  .01% live so I enjoyed it BUT I feel like I need a sequel!  I heard Netflix is thinking about making a series based on this book and that makes sense (would watch).

The Great Believers – As a longtime Chicago resident, I loved this.  The tale is heart-wrenching and harrowing; it follows protagonist Yale a young gay man navigating the AIDS crisis in Chicago during the 80s.   The writing is wonderful and it definitely choked me up a bit.  I will say, the timeline jumps felt unnecessary to me (the present day stuff didn’t seem totally relevant to me but just my opinion) but overall, I enjoyed the book.

This Time Tomorrow – A friend recommended this book to me as it dealt with the loss of a parent (can relate) but also had lots of 90s nostalgia.  It’s a very fun and easy read about family, time travel, and growing up yet gets surprisingly deep at the end.  I definitely teared up and loved that it wavered between the line of a fun read and dealing with profound grief.  This was my favorite from the bunch!

Tell me what you’ve read lately; I’d would love any recommendations–as you can see, I love a range.

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