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Thoughts On Turning 35

This feels like a big one.  My thoughts, lessons learned, and perspective on turning the big 3-5: When I was in my 20s, I thought people in their 30s were SO old and mature.  Funny how now I still feel young and like I’m not *that* far out of college (I am–2007 grad).   Sometimes when […]

Emerald Green Skirt

I love a good jewel tone in the fall and winter, like this gorgeous, green skirt.  Do you think that a deep green is hard to wear?  Think again!  Take this emerald beauty:  it’s an easy way to spruce up your basics and get into the holiday spirit.  Plus, it goes perfectly with neutrals: beige, […]

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Three Easy Ways to Wear Everlane Basics

For this month’s post with Everlane, I thought I’d share some quick mirror selfies of outfits I’ve been wearing lately.  I’m all about the Everlane basics for any occasion.  On Instagram, I get a LOT of questions about these brown western booties–I’ve been wearing them a ton and they’re super comfortable.  Everlane has been a […]

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An Easy Date Night Look

There’s something about a date night in the city that makes me want to wear a fun, silk, blouse and jeans.  A typical date night for Eric and me happens once a month–sometimes once every other month (I know, I know).  It’s usually spontaneous and we look at each other and are like, “shoot, we […]