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Late Summer Style featuring Sézane

Sézane has been one of my favorite brands for YEARS.  Also, it exudes an effortlessness and makes pieces are fashion forward yet timeless–an nearly impossible task.  So, I’ve even met some of the Paris-based team in person and they’re just as lovely and chic as their brand. If you are in Paris (here’s a post […]

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Michael Kors Summer Dresses

*Thank you to Michael Kors and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. The dog days of summer are here.  It’s all about pretty dresses, easy layers, and enjoying anything and everything outside. I’m back with Michael Kors as a brand partner again this month and I’m featuring easy dresses that you can where anywhere and everywhere.   […]

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Four Classic Amazon Fashion Pieces

I don’t know if Amazon is really knows for its “classic” fashion that you can wear for years and years.  So many things I see almost seem disposable and that’ just not what I’m after for my own wardrobe.  I want pieces that no matter how neutral or colorful, I will WANT to wear again.  […]

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collage of Amazon Prime Day Finds

Amazon Prime Day Finds (Things I Own)

Happy Prime Day!  Just wanted to share some stuff that I personally own and can vouch for.  I’m keeping it short and sweet and if I have any more to share, I’ll talk about it on IG stories.  I’ve split it up into clothes, beauty, and and random.  Any questions, just let me know! Amazon […]

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Travel Style with Michael Kors

  *Thank you to Michael Kors and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. Summer is in full swing!  Are you taking any fun trips?  We went to Florida and I’m going to see my sister in South Carolina in August. And I’m so pumped to be teaming up with Michael Kors as a brand partner for […]

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collage of Target Tuesday favorites

Target Tuesday and 5 Other Things

Happy Target Tuesday!  Got some cute dresses and fun clothing items on board today – all the collages are clickable. Target Tuesday and 5 Other Things I recently saw this Byrdie article and am like, yeah, I feel the same way.  Also, I cannot stop rebuying the Tatcha Dewy Skin cream as a nighttime moisturizer […]

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Half Moon Jamaica Review (and What I Wore)

Gosh, at this point our trip to Jamaica feels like it was a lifetime ago when it was really only about 5 weeks back!  We booked it on a bit of a whim because it was around our 11th wedding anniversary.  Years ago, Eric and I talked longingly about taking a huge 10 year anniversary […]

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Before and After: I Finally Picked a Stair Runner

If you’ve been reading my blog or watching my instagram stories for awhile, you know how I was completely crippled with indecision over choosing a stair runner.  I’ve been hemming and hawing over choices for years–yes, that’s plural.  It seemed like such a huge and permanent choice; when you open our front door, the first […]

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