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Podcasts That I Love

I’ve dabbled in listening to podcasts before but now that I’m in the suburbs, I listen to them nonstop as I do a lot more commuting via car and train.  It gives me a chance to relax, zone out and sometimes, think.  When I listen to a good podcast, I feel productive–maybe because I learned […]

Life Update: Career Change

It’s high time I addressed this because I’ve received a ton of messages about what I’m doing now that we moved up to the suburbs.  I’ve been meaning to address it–I just wasn’t sure HOW and felt like it deserved a post of its own.  I know many of you reach out for career advice […]

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Five Best Bras

I’m a loyalist when it comes to my undergarments; I find what works and stick with it, so today I want to talk about the five best bras I love to wear.  A little background about my chest:  I’m a solid B-cup and pretty much have been since high school.  While my cup size has […]

Work/Life/Mom Balance (See Jane Juggle)

Anna Jane’s day job (Theory dress,  SM shoes  – photo by Iron + Honey) Anna Jane’s always job / photo: Marena Beck Work / Life Balance.  What a loaded phrase.  Does it exist?  I used to say, ‘just love what you do and there’s no need for a balance.’  That’s what motivated me to leave consulting–I […]