Top Sellers in February (+ 10 ‘Fun Facts’ About Me)

A little something extra to go with last month’s best sellers–some fun facts you may not know!

Top Sellers in February + 10 ‘Fun Facts’ About Me

  1. I have double-jointed thumbs.
  2. I grew up in the country and my lifelong goal was to live in a big city.
  3. The Kate Spade Sam bag in high school was my gateway drug into designer purses.
  4. My first big birthday party was in 2nd grade at Discovery Zone.  I excitedly jumped into the ball pit when I got there and came out all wet because someone had peed in there!  I think I came out of that a little scarred–never wanted to have a big party after that one.
  5. My first car was a Honda Accord but the car I learned how to drive on was my dad’s huge truck (Ford F250 Diesel–he bought it to pull our horse trailer!).
  6. In relation to #5, I started riding/showing horses at 5 years old…but I haven’t ridden since I was in high school.  I’d like to get back into it as it was such a formative time of my life.
  7. I can’t do a cartwheel….and always wanted to be able to do one!
  8. My aunt got really into our family tree and I’m a direct descendant of Charlemagne (honestly, he probably has millions, ha) and I’m a descendant of the Putnam family who were some of the accusers in the Salem Witch Trials (I’m sorry!!).  
  9. Eric and I were married in Sayulita, Mexico at Villa Del Oso and we need to go back ASAP!
  10. You may be surprised to know that in middle school, my most treasured clothing item was my neon blue reversible Adidas jacket (you know, with the stripes down the sleeves).  I wasn’t a tomboy but I think I tried to dress like one for a couple years there.

February Top Sellers

Target Ottoman – A look for less of the one in my sunroom!

Maybelline mascara – A legit mascara (a little smudgy, so let it dry fully!

J Crew headband – Cute and on sale!

Baby Bjorn carrier – Use it ALL THE TIME

H&M sweater –  Nautical goodness

Our Place pan – My favorite pan to use

Baby Toy Bar (on sale!) – So funny this is a top seller but the baby loves it–clips onto the Baby Bjorn!

Amazon sunglasses – Look like Krewe!

Baby monitor – A random Amazon purchase that turned out to be legit!

Amazon pajamas (they run big!) – LOVE THESE.  100% cotton + are a great value!

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