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my favorite podcasts the best

I’ve dabbled in listening to podcasts before but now that I’m in the suburbs, I listen to them nonstop as I do a lot more commuting via car and train.  It gives me a chance to relax, zone out and sometimes, think.  When I listen to a good podcast, I feel productive–maybe because I learned something new? Or maybe because I learned a new story or something new to worry about (ha, but really).  Here are a handful of podcasts I’ve listened to and loved:

The Glossy Podcast: Fashion industry entrepreneurs and innovators telling their stories and talking about what they’ve learned along the way, how technology helped them and the future of retail.  My favorite episodes were Megababe’s founder and Modern Citizen’s founder.

How I Built This: I love Guy Raz’s inquisitive voice as he asks entrepreneurs, well, how they built it.  It makes for an engaging and authentic conversation and I love listening to them, no matter what the industry.  My favorite episodes were Kate + Andy Spade (haunting, now, but still very compelling) and Honest Tea.

Dirty John: It’s like a Lifetime Movie crossed with a Netflix series that I couldn’t stop bingeing.  And they’re coming out with a movie on Bravo! (six episodes)

Dr. Death: Another min-series I couldn’t stop bingeing. I found myself sitting in a parking lot, not wanting to get out of the car until the episode ending.  With every story, I was like, ‘NO’ and it’s so horrible how this doctor hurt so many people.  It’s graphic and slightly terrifying, especially if you’re scared of hospitals but it’ll force you to do your research.  Frighteningly enough, this story happened in the age of Google.

Bad on Paper: I know Grace and Becca in real life, so I like listening to their quips and banter.  They’re fun, smart people, who love to share what they’re up to in life while hosting a sort of podcast book club.  I’ve gotten some great book recs from them, too!

Other honorable mentions: A Killing on the Cape, RFK Tapes, Atlanta Monster, DListed Podcast.  (Clearly I like ‘unsolved’ mysteries, conspiracies and good ol’ celeb gossip.)

Tell me your favorites!  I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts.

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