Maternity Style Necessities (And Other Truths I Wish Someone Had Told Me)

I don’t believe that you need a whole new wardrobe when you get pregnant.  I’ve done this a few times and I DO think there are a few things worth investing in–especially if you plan on having more than one kid!  Maternity clothing is such a debatable subject but I think buying a handful of things are worth it!

Before I proceed, can I just say how much better the pregnancy/postpartum items have gotten since I had my first two kids?!  When I was pregnant with Harry, maternity clothes were pricey and not that cute.  When I was pregnant with Teddy they were getting a little better but they definitely didn’t have c-section recovery underwear for a great price (you bet I ordered these)–it’s crazy how much is available now!  But there’s lots you DON’T need so let me give you some guidance on what has been worth it for me.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

DL1961 Emma Maternity jeans (shop more DL1961 here)- I bought these while pregnant with Teddy and they’re my FAVORITE.  I let my friend Blair (TheFoxandShe) borrow them and she can co-sign that they’re the best.  I have them back again and they’re a great maternity jean.

Cosabella Mommie bra (shop more Cosabella here)- Another Teddy pregnancy buy and it’s a great nursing bra (and cute enough to wear whenever!).

Maternity underwear (shop more underwear here)- my favorite waisted underwear is VERY difficult to wear right now, so under the belly is great for now AND later.

Loose t-shirt dress – I’ve lived in these things all summer and they are perfect and comfortable whether you’re pregnant or not! (When it gets cool, throw a cardigan or jean jacket on top!)

Layering tanks – Inexpensive, neutral, and great under your normal jackets and cardigans!

Maternity leggings – Normally, I’d say, just order your favorite leggings in a size up (and you totally can!) but with 3000+ positive reviews at at $17, I think ordering maternity leggings that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and for months after makes sense from a cost per wear perspective.  (Tight leggings like this are great after a c-section!)

H&M joggers (shop more sweatpants here)- Own, love, inexpensive.

J Crew jacket cardigan – great for pregnancy before and after (and easy to breastfeed in!)

Everlane oversized shirt (shop more button-down shirts here) – I love love love wearing oversized button downs and tees in the third trimester and postpartum–they look cool and are comfortable (and you’ll wear them once you’re back to your normal size!).

A few maternity clothing truths:

  • You’re actually pregnant for 10 months.  And at some point, your pants just stop fitting (for me, it’s around 5 months).  Get some maternity pants–they’re so much more comfortable than wearing too tight yoga pants or your jeans + a belly band.   There’s so many options and price points.  (You can also let friends borrow them!)
  • You will wear maternity clothes AFTER you have the baby.  Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can wear your jeans home from the hospital–I’m definitely not.  I have had two emergency c-sections and the thought of normal clothes just terrified me for about a month after the babies were born.  I did not want ANYTHING hurting my incision, so wearing loose items and maternity pants were a great option for me.
  • Don’t be afraid to size up in non-maternity items you buy.  Again, you can wear after you have the baby!
  • Go long.  Long and oversized tanks and shirts are easiest to wear as your belly grows.  I know, it’s hard to say goodbye to the cropped sweaters, trust me.
  • You can still buy things that you’d normally wear like jackets (May I suggest One/Third?) and easiest some dresses (some easily grow with a bump)–and shoes, of course.
  • Your feet might grow….permanently.  Mine didn’t but I had friends whose feet grew during pregnancy and never returned.  
  • Nursing bras/tanks are a godsend (if you breastfeed).  Seriously, buy a bunch of tanks and bras and don’t think twice.
  • Sell it!  There’s a huge market for gently used maternity clothes on resale sites like eBay and Poshmark–so, if you buy those designer maternity jeans, you can definitely re-sell.

And if you need maternity style inspiration, I have years of it on my blog here!

  • How does the sizing on the maternity jeans go? If I am normally a 27 in jeans do I get my usual size, or do a 28? First pregnancy- I want to wear them now in the bloated first trimester and well into the postpartum days…

    • I always get the size I was pre-pregnancy and it’s never failed me! If applicable, check the reviews on an item, too, but general rule of thumb is go with your pre-preg size!

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