The Last Three Books I Read

The Last Three Books I Read
The Last Three Books I Read

his edition of “Thee Last Three Books I Read” features books that could NOT be more different.  I listened to them all on Audible.  I would recommend all of them in either form but they all were great listens.  There’s something for the light reader (Open Book), something dark (If You Tell), and something that’s like a piece of art (The Dutch House).  If you’ve read them, let me know and as always, would love for your suggestions for my next few books!

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

I enjoyed this SO MUCH.  Jessica narrates it herself and she definitely has her emotional moments (totally understandable, given the content).  It’s fun hearing her story straight from the horse’s mouth.  Also, I was never a huge Jessica Simpson fan growing up; I liked her fine, but I feel like if I had to choose a pop princess that I really loved, it would’ve been Britney Spears (still rooting for her!).  I watched Newlyweds and she was a prominent part of the pop culture scene when I was in my teens and early 20s but I chose to listen to her story because that time in history just makes me nostalgic. 

And I am so glad I listened to it.  I loved hearing the insider industry info, the behind the scenes gossip, the fact that so many tabloids were right about what was going on in her life (she admits that!), her relationships, and growing up in front of the camera.  It’s honestly so intriguing and I never wanted to stop listening–I didn’t want it to end!  If you’re remotely into early 2000s pop culture, you’ll enjoy this…I promise!  It’s also a great thing to listen to give these current dark times.

If You Tell by Gregg Olsen

HOLY SH(*&(. This book is completely unbelievable, but depressingly enough, it’s a true story.  I read it at the suggestion of a friend who shares my affinity for Lifetime Movies and she said it was like a Lifetime Movie x 1 million.  My friend read the book and I listened to the audiobook (it was pretty captivating–the narrator was good).  The story revolves around a killer and an abuser.  She controls everyone in her life and beats them into submission (literally).  And it’s not just her family that’s affected–it’s friends, too.  Please note this is very violent and very graphic; the abuse these people endure is horrific.  You’ll keep saying to yourself, WHY.  HOW.  WHY, again. HOW, but really HOW.  Proceed with caution–it’s a riveting read, though.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

I feel like all I need to say is, “Tom Hanks narrates this book” and you’ll be sold.  He has a wonderful story telling voice and I really enjoyed this book.  It’s described as a modern fairytale where the big themes portrayed are loss and forgiveness.  It tells the story of two siblings growing up outside Philadelphia; they lose their mom, then their dad, and then everything familiar to them.  But it’s not a tragedy–they journey on together, but separate, and live their lives along the way.  It’s a story that sticks with you and I really enjoyed taking the journey.

  • Love this list! When do you mainly listen to audiobooks? I try while I’m working but get distracted! <3

    • I used to be in the car a lot for going back and forth to meetings/projects but you have to be doing a certain kind of computer work to be able to listen to them (aka you can’t be answering emails). Also, I listen in the morning when I’m getting ready, the shower (seriously), and lately i’ve been doing it during kids’ quiet time (I’ll stick my air pods in!).

      • Haha I guess I’m late to the party! Glad you liked it. I thought it was incredible also!

        • Haha, not at all. I’m usually veryyyy late to the book game but I read it after I heard someone say on a podcast that it was their favorite book and should be a required reading–that sold me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Some amazing recent reads: Where the crawdads sing, Before we were yours, Little fires everywhere, Whisper network, The water dancer, Educated.

    • Yes yes! I have Before We Were Yours on my Audible but haven’t started it yet. Currently reading Little Fires Everywhere (book, not audiobook) before I watch the show and it’s good! And Educated is one of my favorite books ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thanks for the review! Iโ€™ve been putting off the Dutch house since the synopsis isnโ€™t well explained, but you just got me hooked. A few books I just read and would recommend: City Of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. In Five Years by Rebecca Serle (read it in one night so good). The Girl He Used to Know.

    • Looooved City of Girls (the narrator on Audible was amazing) – In Five Years is on my list. I should read that next.

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