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pregnancy after loss

Thoughts On Having a New Baby (After Two Losses)

Pregnancy After Loss: Coping and Dealing I think back to how wonderfully naive I was while pregnant with my two boys.  I didn’t worry about much as I had no reason to.  Pregnancy after any sort of loss changes you.  I keep thinking I’ll feel better after certain milestones but I honestly don’t think I […]

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easy maternity style

More Than Meets the Eye

It’s weird, you know.  Looking at these photos and seeing that I’m 20 weeks pregnant in them.  One day I’m pregnant and the next day I’m not.  It’s hard–really, really hard.  As I mentioned right after everything happened, it’s back to business as usual on these platforms.  And as I also mentioned, it IS jarring […]

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summer dress ideas maternity

Six Dress Ideas for Summer (See Jane Wear)

A lot of my outfits don’t make it to the blog–I just snap them on my iphone when I remember. Because I tend to err on the side of classic, I thought it’d be helpful to round out some summer dress favorites from past years.  Dresses are my staple when the weather is warm but […]

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Let’s Talk Post-Baby Body (See Jane Baby)

the day before I had Teddy Ah, the postpartum body.  It’s kind of taboo to talk about, right?  People only mention if it they’re genuine surprised how good you look postpartum.  “Wow! You just had a baby?”  Yep, that lasted a couple weeks for me.  Then I just looked different; not bad, but not quite […]

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Meet Teddy (See Jane’s Baby)

Having a second child is a familiar experience–it’s like déjà vu.  My pregnancy was uneventful and very similar to the one I experienced with Harry: a tired first trimester, followed by an energetic second trimester and being over it by the end of the third trimester.  I gained the same amount of weight in the […]

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QVC x Barefoot Dreams (See Jane Cozy)

Barefoot Dreams cardigan, Barefoot Dreams pajamas (last photo), Barefoot Dreams socks (last photo), Zella yoga pants, nursing tank, swaddle blankets, headboard, pillowcases Let me tell you about life postpartum: it’s an out of body experience.  No matter what you cared about prior to this baby, your priorities move aside and instinct kicks in; all you care about […]

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Olive Blazer (See Jane Wear)

blazer, (similar and shop more VB blazers HERE) jeans (shop distressed jeans HERE), tank (shop maternity tanks HERE), choker (shop chokers HERE), heels (shop more SW HERE), bag, sunglasses Can one don a choker AND a pregnancy bump?  I guess–I just did.  It’s hard to feel on trend or hip while pregnant (well, to me, anyway) but I’m not giving up trying out […]

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