Meet Teddy (See Jane’s Baby)

Having a second child is a familiar experience–it’s like déjà vu.  My pregnancy was uneventful and very similar to the one I experienced with Harry: a tired first trimester, followed by an energetic second trimester and being over it by the end of the third trimester.  I gained the same amount of weight in the same places.  Plus, Teddy was in the breech position, just like his big brother.  And like his stubborn Aries brother, I tried various methods to turn him (yes, I tried spinning babies, acupuncture and the chiropractor–all nope).  Yes, Teddy also decided to take a page from big brother Harry’s book and also come BEFORE his scheduled c-section date.  C-sections aren’t fun; I’m grateful to modern medicine for the safe delivery of my children, but the recovery flat out sucks–it’s major surgery after all.  So, if you’re going to have a scheduled c-section, the one advantage could be that you miss the pains of labor.  I went into labor with Harry (made it to 5 cm by the time I arrived to the hospital) and my water broke at home with Teddy (I was 7 cm by the time I arrived to the hospital).  With both boys, I convinced myself I was just having pre-labor pains as my contractions would get closer together only to get farther apart again.  Nope again–I was in full blown labor.  Luckily, the hospital got me up to the operating room quickly and Teddy arrived within the hour of me getting to the hospital.  Although it was the middle of the night, I was calm and much more alert than I had been with Harry; it’s nice knowing what to expect.

Theodore “Teddy” Stewart Wisniewski was born at 2:33AM on September 14, 2016.  He was 7 lb 5 oz and 21 inches long.  Stewart was my dad’s middle name, who passed away shortly after Harry was born.  Stewart was also my Grandpa’s middle name and his mom’s maiden name–I’m excited to keep the tradition going since it was the middle name of so many important people in my life.

I never worried about how Harry would react until we came home from the hospital.  Suddenly, I had all that parental guilt people talk about when the second kid arrives.  Well, Harry is a special kid and incredibly astute.  He has definitely has his toddler moments but I feel pretty lucky that the transition has been seamless.  He loves his brother–probably a little too hard sometimes and we have to remind him, “be gentle and no, don’t touch his head.  No, Harry, Harry–no head.”  (Serious question: why do kids always go for the soft spot?)  As for Teddy, he’s definitely taking advantage of the fourth trimester.  He loves his mom, loves to breastfeed and cuddle all day long.  Thank goodness for baby carriers or else I would be chained to the couch all day long.  Harry was a pretty good sleeper early on–Teddy is not.  And Harry has already offered to let Teddy sleep with him, so there’s that.  Don’t tempt me, Harry..

*Photos are by my talented friend at Marena Beck Photography, who was just voted as one of the best family photographers in Chicago!  Be sure to check out her photos if you’re in the area.

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