How to Dress While Pregnant – A Style Diary (See Jane Bump)

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I’ve received a lot of requests for pregnancy style and as luck would have it, I’ve been pregnant twice since I’ve launched this blog (proof that I’ve probably been blogging far too long).  The interesting thing about my pregnancies is that they were during completely different seasons.  Both had their advantages and disadvantages.

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Harry (outfits above) was was a spring baby so I lived in the same maternity jeans and oversized sweaters all winter.  Also, being on maternity leave during the start of summer was amazing, although it was still cold in Chicago when he was born (April!).

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Teddy was born in mid-September (first and third photos) so I was largely pregnant during warm weather.  Dare I say, it was easier to dress the bump during the summer?  It doesn’t get too hot in Chicago so I didn’t have to deal with being overheated or swelling, plus I wore a lot of dresses.  This fall I was on maternity leave and the weather was just amazing, which may have been a fluke.
If I can offer any advice on dressing your bump it’d be this:
  • Invest in maternity jeans.  Whether they’re designer denim or from Target, you need them for comfort alone.  Your body will change (yes, you’ll widen) and you and your baby deserve to be in something comfortable that fits.  My favorites were from H&M (I personally loved the high panel), DL1961 (I never liked the low band until l tried these and they were incredible) and Paige.
  • You’re allowed to buy things while pregnant.  Don’t get caught in the trap that because it’s a size up, you won’t wear it again.  Not only are you pregnant for nine months, but it takes your body awhile to get back to normal.
  • Stretchy dresses rule.  I think pregnancy is the one time I wear form-fitting dresses.  Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. (I love this dress, too.)
  • Keep buying + wearing third pieces.  Light jackets are your friend (as evidenced from both pregnancies).  You can wear them before, during and after pregnancy and can completely transform an outfit.
  • Oversized oxford shirts help you look effortless and ‘cute pregnant’ in a pinch.  I’d buy them big or even wear Eric’s (seriously) and wear with skinny maternity jeans and fabulous shoes.
And just an additional piece of advice about pregnancy: people will comment on the size of your bump NO MATTER WHAT.  To some, you’ll look huge and to others you’ll be small.  It always made me feel self-conscious and like I was doing something wrong but let me assure you, everyone grows a baby differently.  People just comment to comment and don’t realize that it can hurt your feelings, so try to take it with a grain of salt.  Bumps come in all shapes and sizes (and newborn babies do, too!).

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