Rollin’ with the Home-ees (See Jane House Hunt)

I’m currently on the search for a new apartment and I forgot how terrible of a time it can be. My boyfriend should be contributing to this grandiose search but since he “works” more than “40 hours a week,” he is somehow exempt from it. Time to put on the big girl pants, because I AM in charge!
Throughout my search, I’ve found that every place falls under two categories: A.) it’s a dump, or B.) it’s so freakishly popular that you know you’ll never clinch it. Even so, here are a few amenities that we’ve decided are mandatory:
A Nice Kitchen

*photo courtesy of CasaSugar

I really do enjoy cooking so is it really too much to ask that our kitchen doesn’t have those coil-y shaped burners? And yes, I realize I won’t find a kitchen like this…but isn’t it beautiful?
Hardwood Floors

*photo courtesy of CasaSugar
I’ve looked at some high-rises and have found an unfortunate common factor: wall to wall carpeting. To that, I say, “Why??” Stop. You’re ruining it. And I want to choose my own rugs. Speaking of, I love that jute rug (shown above). I have a similar coffee table, so now I’m eyeing this 5×8 version at Target for $129.99.

*Photo courtesy of CasaSugar

Look–if I don’t have some sort of deck or porch this summer, how am I going to sip Countrytime lemonade while basking in the sun? While it’s not a dealbreaker, I may shed a few tears if I don’t have some outdoor space. I’d really like to get some Vitamin D this summer. Summer deck boom.
Do you think I can do it? Can I find this magical apartment?
P.S. I’d also like a washer/dryer in unit and lots of closet space.

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