Let’s Talk About Socks (Bombas), Baby

*Thanks to Bombas for sponsoring this post!

Let’s talk about SOCKS, baby!  Look, I’m Midwestern and it gets cold here.  In my no shoes household, you think I’m walking around on 100 year old hardwood floors with bare feet?!  No way.  I’m a slipper and/or socks gal all the way and Bombas have me covered (well, my feet, anyway).

Here’s a gifting idea list for everyone because we’re truly at the age where we enjoy giving and receiving socks and slippers.  And the best part?  New customers can save 20% off with code ANNAJANE20

Women’s Gripper Slipper – A home ESSENTIAL.  I slip them on as soon as I walk in the door.

Ankle Running Sock Pack – For the Sporty Spice in your life.

Merino Cashmere Socks – For the luxe lady in your life.

Merino Wool Gripper Socks – These are actually on my list for around the house.

Chunky Ragg Socks – PERFECT boot socks do exist.

Sherpa Lined Slippers – Given my affinity for slippers, I’m surprised I don’t have these.

No Show Socks – Sometimes a necessity.

And a few more reasons to love Bombas:

  • One Purchased = One Donated mission – they give a pair to someone in need!
  • Bombas is rigorously tested for comfort and durability, and the brand is constantly looking for more ways to innovate and improve!
  • Bombas took the time to pinpoint all the small issues with socks and t-shirts: the painful toe seams; annoying pilling; no shows that slip. You name it, they found it!
  • Designed with built-in arch support, a blister-preventing tab, and seamless toes, these socks are ready for anything!
  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed: the Bombas Customer Happiness Team is your go-to when you need a recommendation, a refund, or just a reason to smile!

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