Our Place Knives Review

Our Place Knives Review slicing bread

Introducing: Our Place knives

As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Our Place.  The Always Pan has been used basically every day in my household for the past year.  The nonstick capabilities are second to none and it’s so easy to clean.  (I also love the steamer insert.). Be sure to check out my original review on the Always Pan.  I have even bought the pan for several family members after they commented on how much THEY loved it when using it at my house.   And I can’t stress enough that nonstick pans are meant to be used on low-medium heat; I have ruined nonstick pans in the past by blasting the heat and I just want to pass that along!

Before I even starting working with Our Place in an official capacity, I was so impressed with the Always Pan that I asked the team if they were releasing any other products because i needed them in my life.  Enter: Our Place knives.  Ok, my original knife set is from when we got married 10 years ago.  I sharpen them often and they’re still so dull.  (10 years, though!  We had a good run.). My MIL bought me a few knives last summer because my knives were so bad (ha).  But when I received the Our Place knives….WOW.  The new ones form last summer cut like a butter knife compared to the super sharp Our Place knives.  Cutting fruit, tomatoes, anything–it’s incredible to do so with barely any pressure. 

Our Place Knives Review

Everyday Chef’s Knife – Perfect for chopping those big ol’ onions, smashing garlic, herbs, and cutting all the veggies and meat. This is your versatile, do it all knife.

Serrated Slicing Knife – Every week I get a loaf of sourdough from Whole Foods and for some reason, the bread slicer is always broken so I’m resigned to slice my own bread at home.  The serrated blade is perfect for crusty, yet squishy inside, fresh bread!  It’s also perfect for huge tomatoes.

Precise Paring Knife – This is what I use to cut my kids fruit every day.  Great for little job–like sandwiches, cheese, etc. Watch out because this little man is SHARP and so easy to use.

You honestly just need these three knives if you’re an everyday cook like me.  No need for a huge set; this trio is MOREE than enough for your cooking needs.  They’d also make a fantastic Father’s Day gift!  You can snag all three for $145.

*Thank you to Our Place for sponsoring this post!

woman in her kitchen and doing the Our Place Knives Review
woman chopping strawberries on a wooden chop board
woman slicing strawberries on a chop board
Our Place Knives Review on a chopping board and plate with food
Our Place Knives Review knives on a chopping board and plate with food
bread and fruits and knives
woman holding a knife
woman smiling and holding a plate out with food

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