Fall Capsule Wardrobe (Part 2)

Part 2 of the fall capsule wardrobe is here with my favorite shoes and accessories! If you missed the original post, check it out here. When you build a capsule wardrobe, choosing high-quality makes the most sense since you’re reaching for the same items more. With shoes and accessories, you’ll especially notice differences between low and high quality pieces.

Investing in high-quality clothing and accessories for your capsule wardrobe isn’t just about fashion. It’s a smart decision that impacts your daily life positively. Imagine opening your closet each morning to a carefully curated collection of pieces that are in great condition regardless of how old they are.

Let’s not forget the sustainability aspect – investing in quality classic pieces means you’ll buy less, reducing your fashion footprint. When you choose high quality staple pieces for your capsule wardrobe, you’ll enjoy picking out your outfit in the morning.

Tips for deciding when to invest

I’ll often get asked questions like “How do you like your Bottega bag?” It makes sense to wonder the things someone likes or dislikes about a clothing piece that requires a bit more planning or more convincing to purchase. When you’re looking to invest in a certain bag or shoes, there’s a few things you should ask yourself or others to make sure it’s worth the price tag. 

  1. Outside of the brand: How do you feel about the item? You should genuinely love the item because of the style rather than the brand name. Remember when you were a teen and wouldn’t be caught dead shopping at certain stores? Think of how you’d feel if you saw that same item in that store. Would you still buy it?
  2. How often would you wear it? Would it make sense to buy an expensive clutch that you’ll wear to special occasions only a few times a year? Would it make more sense to get a crossbody or satchel that you can dress up or down? 
  3. Have you tried less-expensive options? You might find yourself reaching for mini hoop earrings daily but see that the pairs you own tarnish easily. This is the easiest way to discover what items you’re ready to invest in!


Pieces I own and love

  1. Chanel ballet flats — Ballet flats are becoming popular again even though we all know they’re a staple.  I bought my first pair in Paris, circa 2010 and have collected a few pairs since then.
  2. Flap bags — A flap bag is a classic style and the Chanel wallet on chain is great for a number of occasions. This is definitely a bag that stands the test of time!
  3. Jodie mini bag — I actually did an entire blog post review of this piece that you can read here. This is definitely a debatable capsule piece since it’s on the smaller side but I do reach for it often. Remember when I said in the last post that my capsule wardrobe will likely look different than yours? This is what I meant.  (You can even get it for $1k on the RealReal here)
  4. White sneakersThe GREATS sneakers are my personal favorites for white tennis shoes! They clean up nicely with a magic eraser but if you’re on the lookout for other styles, try Veja sneakers.
  5. Leather knee high boots — These Goldy boots are a pair I’ve loved and worn for years. While they’re definitely an investment piece, this pair from Boden are a lookalike for about half the price. 
  6. Other piecesDiamond Au Pair diamond tennis bracelet, Staud suede bag, Cartier tank watch

I’d love to know what are some of your fall 2023 capsule wardrobe pieces! Do we have any of the same pieces on wardrobe essentials list?

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