Classic, White Sneakers (A Long Overdue Greats Review)

Just another blogger, posing in front of a bunch of pumpkins.  Sometimes I can’t help but to give into the blogging cliches and honestly, I’m not sorry–they really complement this outfit and it’s the perfect October outfit on a mild day.

I also just realized I have never really spoken of these Greats sneakers directly on the blog.  I actually receive a LOT of questions on them via DM on instagram, probably because I wear them so much and they get a ton of explore on the #shopyourclosetseries (case in point here).  So, here with are with a Greats review one year later (I got them last fall).  They really are a perfect, white sneaker and I was familiar with The Greats brand years ago when they just made men’s shoes.  (That’s the bonus of working at a fashion start-up–you get a lot of insight into new brands first!).  The low-profile, clean white sneaker was really hitting the fashion scene hard in 2013/2014 when Common Projects Achilles shoe blew up–I’m talking the shoe that launched a million look-a-likes. And it’s STILL going strong.  Well, not everyone has the cash to spend $400+ on a basic white sneaker so everyone welcomed new iterations of a low-profile white sneaker. 

I bought Eric a pair of these shoes as soon as we had them at Trunk Club…I think it was 2014–right after they were founded.  He loved them and I loved how they looked so I knew I wanted a pair, too.  So here’s the lowdown on why they’re so GREAT (you know I’ve been dying to use that pun):

  • Priced under $200 (my particular shoe is $179)
  • Free shipping/free returns
  • Brooklyn-based company, shoes are made in Italy
  • The Bianco Royale (the shoe I wear) runs small – definitely size up half a size.
  • How I care for mine: the magic eraser and a little water works wonders on this shoe.  And if your laces get dirty, just throw them into the wash.
  • Break-in period: they’re a nice shoe and they’re also a little stiff.  But I LIKE that they’ve remained stiff on me and haven’t become flimsy.  They’re still sturdy after a solid year of heavy wear but they’re comfortable and broken-in.  I have worn them on walks around big cities, for travel, and comfort.  They aren’t as comfortable as something like All-Birds (which are like clouds) but they’re definitely easy on your feet.
  • Anything I missed?  Ask in the comments below!
  • Other great versions of the classic white sneaker from brands I love: M Gemi ($198), Frye ($197), KOIO ($248), and Soludos ($129).

*Not sponsored – just a shoe I get asked about quite often!

easy fall look

  • You can really truly keep them looking nice?? I LOVE my Gola for J.Crew Mark Cox Tennis sneakers (sooo comfy), but man do they get beat up! Even with fabric protector, magic eraser cleaning, a toothbrush… after heavy travel there is really no salvaging them to be a “nice” sneaker again. Maybe it’s the leather in these that is easier to protect/clean? I would love a nice fresh sneaker like this, but worry about wasting $$ (had my eye on those Common Project sneakers, but $400 is way too steep!). Would appreciate any other care tips/tricks (I tend to be a shoe destroying monster)! Thanks!!

    • I think so! These shoes are 1 year in and all I do to clean them is use a magic eraser and a little water. I have worn them EVERYWHERE (big cities, dirty cities, parks with the kids, etc) and all I do is spot clean!

  • Your style is so SO spot on. You always look so comfortable and effortless! You are simply gorgeous, have been tagging like every outfit for years now. ????

  • I have a pair, love the look but I’m finding the breaking period really difficult. I still haven’t really gotten these to feel broken in because I give up after a day because my feet are killing me. I’ve maybe worn them 12 times and they still feel stiff and brand new.

    They are good for foot problems otherwise because they are so stiff and don’t bend, my doc wants me in a shoe that doens’t move around, which is why I took them out again after a heel injury.

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