Best True Crime Podcasts

I love a good podcast, don’t you?  I listen to the NYT The Daily most mornings but I love to listen to a story–especially when I’m in the car.  Also, I am a lover of Dateline or Netflix documentaries–especially those of the true crime nature.  It must be all of the Are You Afraid of the Dark and Unsolved Mysteries we’d watch during sleepovers growing up, eh?  I often receive messages asking what my favorite true crime podcasts are, so let’s run through them, shall we? (Some of these are legitimately scary, so proceed with caution!)

Also, check out my podcast post from a few years ago–they’re still great listens!

Best True Crime Podcasts

Your Own Backyard – This investigates a murder from a college campus in the 90s and it’s SO well done (it also recently helped the investigation); I won’t soon forget this one. 

Counterclock season 3 – I was addicted to this one which involved a tragic family murder in the 90s and still don’t know if I can figure out who/what/why.

Crime Junkie – Not a “story” podcast but similar to Dateline.  Great if you want to listen to a quick, old, cold case (that could be solved or not).

Dateline – Much like the show, each story has one episode.

Dr. Death – I really don’t want to get Peacock, but would love to watch the TV version of this podcast (hello, Joshua Jackson)!  This is one of the first podcasts I really got into.

To Live and Die in LA (Seasons 1 + 2) – I’m currently listening to season 2 (and I think it’s better than season 1, personally).

Cold – A very long podcast that’s extremely heart-wrenching–I want justice for this family.

22 Hours – Speaking of heart-wrenching.  This was a very difficult one to listen to, just a warning!

Mommy Doomsday – Mind-blowing; one turn after the next.  Cults, man.

Man in the Window – Legit gave me nightmares but I couldn’t stop listening to it!  (It’s about the Golden State Killer.)

The Shrink Next Door – The therapist that crosses the line; I cannot WAIT to see Paul Rudd in the tv version of this.

Over My Dead Body – Wondery does no wrong in my eyes. This was an excellent podcast about a marriage with a tragic ending.

The Clearing – I loved the beginning of this podcast which was from the POV of a serial killer’s daughter but I seemed to lose interest as it went on.

Uncover (Seasons 1, 3, 6) – I’ve only listened to the seasons mentioned, but they were very, very interesting–highly recommend the seasons I mentioned!

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