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Once I listen to a podcast, I can’t stop.  I’m insatiable and digest the content quickly–while I’m in the car, doing housework, writing emails–it’s all free podcast time.  Last fall I talked about some podcasts that I LOVED (check them out here); About half are about fashion start-ups, entrepreneurs, or best friends gabbing, but other are usually scintillating investigative series–that are usually unsolved…ugh.    Except for Broken Harts (which is new-ish), you all suggested the podcasts below and they were awesome, so thank you!  Here’s what I thought:

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM – WOW.  Couldn’t stop listening.  The whole cult factor really drew me in immediately and the whole story was crazy.  The interviewing of this story was super approachable because the narrator and subject knew each other from growing up.  Highly, highly recommend.

Broken Harts – This podcast breaks my heart (pun intended).  You might remember reading about the family that drove off the cliff in California last year.  It was a couple who had adopted six children.  It came as a shock to everyone but the investigation digs deep into who they were, alleged abuse, and what could have caused this tragedy.  The podcast isn’t over yet, butit’s been so intriguing (and heart-wrenching).

Slow Burn (Season 2 – Clinton Impeachment) – I really enjoyed this; at its core, any insight about a powerful political figure is always super compelling (get that juicy gossip!).  Also ,I was pretty young when this was going on and yet I remember the news stories on it quite vividly.  It’s both nostalgic and interesting to look back at how we viewed the scandal and to hear now what was really happening.  Man, politics and culture has changed since the 90s…am I right?

S-Town – Reader recommended and wow, the narrator is just a great story teller.  The podcast really gives you insight into our world here in America and makes you realize how different we all are, despite the fact we’re living in the same country.  Like many podcasts I enjoy listening to, there is no real ending but it’s intriguing all the same.

And I’m still listening to Bad On Paper, The Glossy Podcast, How I Built This, Second Life, an episode of My Favorite Murder here and there, an episode of Stuff You Should Know here and there, and wow, I listen to a lot of podcasts.  I need to go back through the comments on my last post and make sure I didn’t miss listening to any suggestions!  I know there’s a handful I’m missing.

Since you helped me find a few of the above, share with me your recent favorites and help me find my next podcast!

  • Up and Vanished season 1 is very good, but somewhat long. I am listening to Happy Face right now and really enjoy it so far. I loved Broken Harts!

  • Bear Brook, Dr Death, Believed and both seasons of In the Dark enthralled me. I’m listening to a MUCH lighter one of Modern Love which are all just short stories about love featured in the NYT. Im a scaredy-cat thatloves a mystery but sometimes I need a short break! Looking forward to checking yours out!

    • Dr Death was great – and terrifying! My friend just texted me that In the Dark is amazing…can’t wait to check it out!

  • I second In the dark.
    I just started listening to Believed. I’m halfway through but oh my- it’s so well done and captivating and makes me SO mad! (The story of Larry Nassar). I’d also suggest Crimetown; very well done!

      • I also recommend Believed. It’s hard to listen to but one of those that feel like we all ‘should’ listen to. It’s been weeks since I’ve finished and still keep thinking about it.

  • Loved S-Town, so listen to Serial – ok, but not quite the same. Also, love anything from This American Life. Previous listened to Dr. Death, Dirty John, Hidden Brain. Now on Up and Vanished. Thanks for the other suggestions!

  • In The Dark (both seasons!), Bear Brook, and Believed are favorites for me! Also just started The Dropout (first episode dropped Wednesday) and OMG. Riveting!

  • Love this post! Always on the look out for new podcasts. My longtime favorite is The Longest Shortest Time. It’s about families, parenting, motherhood, and is SO well done. I’m not a mom yet, but connect with so many of these stories.

  • Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast with two women’s long distance friendship (and, to be transparent, a lot of politics/activism) They are amazing and funny and intelligent.

    Plant Money (and Planet Money’s The Indicator) are both technically about money/the economy but are really fascinating stories about all sorts of things. Also, they are short, which makes them great for short car rides.

    99% Invisible is about the design of all sorts of things. A lot of arcitecture but also clothing, and everything from smells to food to coins and more.

    Okay, and this one is pretty different but I’ve been enjoying Harry Potter and the Sacred Text which is a podcast where a Humanist Chaplain and a student at Harvard’s College of Divinity read Harry Potter using the same techiques one would reading a scared text. Its a different way to read a book and has interesting insights.

  • I’m listening to “The Dream” which is an in-depth expose of multi-level marketing. It’s all about their history and how they manipulate women in particular. I learned about it on Keep It! I also love Tom and Lorenzo for their analysis of fashion in pop culture.

  • I have been loving “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard”–its great for when I’m walking my dog, and cooking!

  • Katie Couric’s series was great (it ended at the end of 2018). Great interviews. I had vaguely heard of her (I’m in New Zealand) but really like her now. I have also learned so much about American politics, it’s crazy.

    ‘You Must Remember This’ is an addictive series about the mysteries and mayhem of 20th century Hollywood. I’m hooked!

    ‘Pantsuit Politics’ is Beth and Sarah (from the right and left) who discuss politics with respect and without shouting at each other.

  • Caliphate is the best podcast I’ve listened to recently. I don’t do a good job of keeping up with the new and especially with anything isis related as it usually makes me sad. This podcast was so well done and left me feeling much more informed.

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