Amazon Prime Day Picks

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Why does Amazon Prime Day change every year?  Didn’t we just have it in October?  Anyway, I’m also doing an Amazon live stream tomorrow morning, Tuesday at 9:30AM with more Prime Day picks so be sure to tune in!

Amazon Prime Day Picks


Maxi dress – I have it in leopard from last year and LOVE IT.

White + Warren cashmere wrap (shop more WW here)- my favorite travel accessory

Calvin Klein bra – I don’t know if I will ever go back to regular bras after buying this last year.  It was amazing during pregnancy, nursing, and now nursing every day.  Buying i tin black!

Rolla’s hydrangea dress (shop more Rolla’s here)- Wore this in FL and it’s gorgeous!  Reviews say it’s too sheer but I disagree.

Faithfull the Brand (shop more FTB here) – Remember how I’m into mini dresses again.  This is a cute one.  In my cart.

Vince sandals – I have some Vince shoes (shop more Vince here) and they’re super well-constructed.  These are only $47 which is INSANE.  (Is this a mistake?)

Rubber Birk Dupes – Still going strong on these one year later!

Biker shorts – Even if you don’t buy into the trend, they’re amazing for working out.  I wear min on the Peloton all year round!

En Saison dress (shop more En Saison here)- I’ve bene waiting to try this brand and am going to snag one on sale!


Self-tanning mitt – Another thing I thought was a gimmick.  Nope, legit, and I only use self-tanner once in awhile but the mitt keeps it tidy!

Make up brush cleaner – Buy this for #3 and wash your makeup brushes…trust me.  (I use this brush shampoo but honestly, dye-free/natural dish soap would work fine.)

Ouai scalp and body scrub – I use this everywhere and it’s such a luxury because it smells so amazing. Not on prime day but 20% right now!

GHD curling iron – Gets so hot and helps hold the curl (my hair is VERY straight).  Have had it for two years and it’s just as great as the day I bough it.  Get it while it’s on sale!

Claw clips – Caved and bought these.


Giant water bottle – I’ve been eyeing this forever and it’s on sale!  Score.  Eric made me buy him one, too.

Acrylic computer stand – Bought this when lockdown happened – perfect for my office.

Packing cubes – These are not a gimmick.  I repeat, they are not a gimmick.  They keep packing streamlined and easy.  I can’t believe I am just discovering them.

Organic pillow cases – Am I the only one woh loses pillow cases?  No?  Just me?  Ordering extra for the linen closet.  Organic and inexpensive! (Getting these euro shams, too!)

Samsung Frame TV – Bought it for the sun room and we love it! (sunroom before and after here)

Silicon baking mats – So I don’t have to uses foil or parchment paper!  (I do roast a lot of veggies.)

Stasher bags – Again, trying to cut back on plastic bags for park/camp days.  These have awesome reviews!


Amazon Fire (ROAD TRIP/TRAVEL ESSENTIAL.  We are not a tablet family….my kids don’t get them unless we’re in a long car ride or airplane but download some movies on this because it’s necessary.

Baby monitor – It’s so clear (and no wifi…just a monitor)!  Whenever I show it on IG stories, my DMs blowup so snag it while it’s on sale for $60!

Swim trunks – I like my kids’ shorts shorter rather than longer and I love these swim trunks!

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