The Somewhat Elevated Mom-iform (See Jane Mom)

I never understood the “momiform,” that is, until I had a second kid.  ‘I’ll be the cute mom who still wears white!’ I said to myself.  That’s fine and dandy until they wipe their peanut butter and jelly stained face on your pant leg.  And while I DO still wear white, I know that there is a time and place (and that time and place is called ‘work’ when I’m around adults).

The momiform gets a bad rap and yep, I’m a hypocrite–mostly because I wrote off you pants.  I really never wore them until after I had Teddy; holy cow, I have been missing out…they’re amazing (I lived in this pair)!  High-rise yoga pants are perfect for postpartum and I felt like they were particularly perfect for my c-section (if you’ve had one, you know all about the c-section shelf).  Ok, but I digress as it’s not all about yoga pants; but it IS about easy basics that you can mix and match seamlessly while feeling put together; hey, you might even pull it out of the hamper, realize it’s not THAT dirty and wear it again.  No?  Just me?  Ok.

Here are some of my go-to basics, perfect for a mom or anyone who wants easy basics!
jean leggings – they’re leggings that pose as real pants.  amazing.
distressed jeans – just because I want to go to bed at 9PM doesn’t mean I’ve lost my edge.
camel wool coat – put on a camel coat without feeling put-together…can’t do it–its impossible!
scarveswraps – you have to make tweaks when you’re wearing the same camel coat all the time.
sunglasses (this is my next pair) – for tired eyes–whether it’s the four-month sleep regression or a late night Netflix binge.
sweaters – buy as many as your budget allows as the sweater/denim combo is a mom specialty. (love this turtleneck, this v-neck, and this striped number)
flat booties – can’t run after junior in four inch heels #amirite?
comfortable flats – I love a good heel but a chic flat?  I’m forever yours.

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