The Perfect White Midi Skirt

Melissa and I shot these photos last week for a local instagram campaign (check it out here–we bought our wedding bands there in 2011!) but the outfit is too good and springy to not feature on the blog; yellow, textured sweater and a white midi skirt–could it BE any more appropriate for the day after Easter?!  I basically look like a baby chick who just hatched.

So, let’s talk about this white midi skirt; you may remember it from my H&M Spring Buys post.  As soon as I saw it online, I knew I had to have it.  It looked way more expensive than it was and screamed VINCE to me (shop more Vince here).  I’ve already worn this skirt more than 10 times–I always feel particularly proud when I challenge the ‘fast fashion’ notion and keep/wear items from places like Zara and H&M for YEARS.  And that seems to happen a lot–probably because the items I gravitate towards always look more expensive than they are (so I want to wear them a lot) and also look like they belong to a certain designer’s collection.  I never go into those stores thinking I need a ‘one and done’ piece–I actually never buy clothes like that, which is why you see so many pieces from 5+ years ago on my #shopyourclosetseries. 

I think I just finally articulated my strategy to shopping at overwhelming stores like Zara and H&M…turned out to be a pretty good Monday

white midi skirt and yellow sweater for spring

white midi skirt and yellow sweater for spring
white midi skirt and yellow sweater for spring
white midi skirt and yellow sweater for spring
everlane alpaca sweater
jewelers center chicago
jewelers row chicago

  • Yessss… I love this skirt. I am quite pregnant and when I bought the skirt when it was featured on your Instagram, I resigned to wearing it after the pregnancy. Imagine my surprise when I could wear it now by wearing above my bump! Squeal!!! Such a versatile skirt! And when I think I could not wear it anymore, I see how you wear it in different combinations, like your other H&M purchases, I get all excited about it again! So yes! I love your H&M/Zara/shop-your-closet strategy and hope you keep sharing them!

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