H&M Spring Buys

H&M spring buys

In case you missed it, I featured a few H&M picks on my IG stories last week (they’re saved to my highlights if you want to go watch!) H&M and Zara are two of my favorite budget friendly brands and I appreciate that while they’re fast fashion, they are making more conscious efforts to be more transparent about their supply chain (they have a long ways to go, but per articles I’ve read, are making progress).  Also, in all honesty, the items I own from those two retailers aren’t ‘throw away’ items to me.  I’ve had some Zara + H&M items in my closet for YEARS.  If you choose wisely and take care of your clothes (I’m a big fan of the delicate cycle), these pieces can last much longer than a couple years.  You all seemed to love the H&M sweater post I did last fall (I kept all the sweaters except for one, which I gave to my sister) and I wore them all winter long!  

My Top Five H&M Picks:

  • Blue knit sweater (wearing a small): This sweater is most gorgeous blue hue and let’s face it, spring sweaters are a thing.  My heart says it’s spring but my body says it’s still freezing, so I buy a few seasonally appropriate sweaters in spring colors and textures.
  • Circle skirt (wearing a 4): This piece is a little more costly for H&M but it’s GORGEOUS…and lined!  It feels like it’s a Vince skirt…I kid you not (which will run about $395 retail) so I consider this baby a steal at $59.  The tea length is so chic and I will be wearing this in London when I visit next month.
  • Snakeskin tee (wearing a S): ALL HAIL THE $5 tee.  It’s oversized and chic….and costs you as much as a footlong sub from Subway (do they still do that?  I lived on those when I was a 22 year old consultant in White Plains, NY).
  • Pointelle cardigan (wearing a S): Again, with the spring textures…”pointelle” just means a sweater with eyelet holes that create a lacy effect and that cardigan is just that.  It’s so chic with jeans–wear a cami or nude bra underneath!
  • Red-printed creped dress (wearing a 2) – This has ALL the Reformation/Faithfull the Brand vibes…and it was $39.  I just bought it and it appears to be sold out but keep checking online (when I bought it, it was available in three colors, too) and in-stores.
white midi H&M spring outfit
H&M sweater, H&M skirt, Alexandre Birman heels
white midi H&M spring outfit
H&M tee, H&M skirt, Intermix jacket, Alexandre Birman heels
snakeskin H&M spring outfit
H&M tee, Everlane jeans, Gucci loafers
white outfit H&M spring outfit
H&M sweater, Everlane jeans, Gucci loafers
red midi H&M spring outfit
H&M dress, Soludos espadrilles



    • Shirley Wong says:

      I had the same problem. I was so excited when I found the dress in store but when I tried it on it bulged in all the wrong places at the torso. And there was so much unnecessary fabric at the back. Anna Jane did you have any issues with the fabric at the torso?

      • Hi Shirley! It does fit a tad wonky in the front of the torso but the more I wore it, the less it bothered me…for me, it was only in the front–it almost puffs out a little (you can see it in the photo). The back fits well! I am keeping it regardless…it’s a great price and still flattering on-fig..it doesn’t bother me enough and the pros outweigt the cons. I MAY take it to get taken in that mid section area, but haven’t decided yet 🙂

        • Thanks for your reply! I’m reconsider going back for it and getting it tailored. I really do love the print and the overall style!

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