The Last Three Books I Read

book reviews: The Last Three Books I Read

I’ve been on a book tear this year.  Lots of car time means lots of Audibles. Trying to cut down on phone time at night means reading before bed.  I think you’ll enjoy the books I recently read; they’re all VERY different versions of fiction.  There’s some on the nose racial discussion, WWII historical drama, and the age-old tragic love story.  Would recommend all three but for very different reasons.  Here we go into my book reviews!

Book Reviews of the Last 3 Books I Read:

Such a Fun Age (Audible)

Thought-provoking but also gave me a sense of uncomfortableness that I couldn’t shake. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to cringe at some of the racial tension in this book.  I was also personally cringing as a blogger in my 30s as it relates to one of the main characters (but that just might be me).  Would be an awesome book for a discussion because there’s a lot to unpack in both race and class differences.  I enjoyed the Audible version of it–the narrator did an awesome job.  I still can’t figure out why the book is entitled Such A Fun Age, though–i even asked a friend who read it and we couldn’t figure out if we missed something–ha.

Normal People 

Sigh. . I’m not sighing because I hated it, in fact, I quite liked it.  But like any love story as old as time, it’s frustrating and tragic.  The ending KILLED ME (although in retrospect, it makes a lot of sense).  Even knowing that the ending pissed me off, I would still recommend and I will still watch the show on Hulu (coming this spring!).  It is pretty depressing and there’s some graphic content in there, too. Just a warning (I don’t shy away from depressing and tragic reads). 

All the Flowers in Paris (Audible)

I love a good historical fiction book (WWII specifically) so when a friend recommended this to me, I knew it would be a great Audible choice. It’s one of those classic dual protagonist books which alternates chapters between narrators of different points in time (kind of like Verity–remember?).  It tells the tale of a modern day American woman in Paris who suffers from amnesia after an accident and is piecing together her cold and lonely life (sort of like a Grey’s Anatomy episiode, tbh).  On the flip side, we’re following the story of a young widow in Paris during Nazi-occupied Germany and how her family copes with losing everything due to their Jewish ancestry.  It’s a beautiful read and makes me want to dip into more WWII books.

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  1. I know what you mean about Normal People but that’s also why I really liked it. It seemed real rather than everything being tied up neatly at the end you know? xo

  2. Just finished All The Flowers In Paris and LOVED it too! I just admit that I felt as if the ending wrapped itself up much faster than the book itself developed. Just my opinion, but I did love it!

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