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Classic Mom Style with Evereve

You know I’m all about dressing up denim, pretty dresses, and chic culottes–I feel like that’s my bread and butter of the blog.  BUT, as you may (or may not) know, I stay home with my kids two days a week when I’m not working on my blog or working on One/Third.  On those days, […]

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Mom On the Go With Louise et Cie

Since I work for myself, I’m on the go a LOT (meetings, photoshoots, running my kids around) and no two days look the same.  Sometimes I wear yoga pants because I’m working out and then running around with the kids.  Some days, I’m wearing jeans and a blouse and want to rock a kitten heel […]

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Transition From the City to the Suburbs: Part II – An Update

We’ve been in the suburbs for nine months now and in some ways, it’s felt like forever.  In other ways, it’s only been a minute and I sometimes want to drive “home” to our condo in Wicker Park when I’m in the city.  I wrote this post about why we left the city here, but […]

Meet Fin

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy–especially this time of year.  In this past year, I left my 9-5 (I mean, it wasn’t 9-5 at all, but you all get what I’m saying) job to work for myself.  With that, I thought, great!  I’m going to have so much time and freedom…um wrong.  I’m hustling […]

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