Foot Peel Mask Review

When I posted on IG stories that my rockin’ Saturday night plans involved this Foot Peel Mask, so many of you were VERY intrigued.  I mean, I don’t blame you–who doesn’t want baby soft feet?  I was personally intrigued by all the photos of people’s feet shedding skin off like a snake.  It’s so disgusting […]

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What’s In My Medicine Cabinet (What’s Working and What’s Not)

The other day I showed you a peek into my medicine cabinet on instagram and jokingly said that no one asked for it.  To my surprise, many of you messaged me saying you did indeed want to see what was hiding inside my medicine cabinet. So, I snapped a quick pic–no rearranging or editing–this is […]

billie razor review

Billie Razor Review

Billie: the razor with a ton of hype. You’ve seen everyone praising it on instagram.  Maybe you’ve even been served the ads on social media.  But, like, it’s a razor–what’s so special about it?  Before I get into it, I must let you know that I have been using this razor for a little over […]

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Should I Enter the World of Clear Aligners? My Consult Experience with Candid

Raise your hand if you had braces growing up (clear aligners weren’t a thing yet). *raises both hands because my teeth were pretty messed up*  Raise your hand if your orthodontic experiences were traumatic. *raises both hands because, oh my gosh, I HATED THE ORTHODONTIST*  Raise your hand if your teeth have shifted and moved, […]

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