My Six Winter Skincare Essentials

Winter in the Midwest can be HARSH–especially for your delicate skin.  I have combo/oily skin so during the winter, I take a slightly different approach that really locks in hydration (although I like a hydration routine all year round). 

All these items I have purchased several times and have become a staple in my cold weather skincare routine.  Of course, they aren’t *all* that I use but you’ll have to pry them fro my cold, frozen hands as they’ve become wintertime staples.

Winter Skincare Essentials

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream ($69)

A luxurious, hydrating cream and makes your skin feel soft as a baby in the morning.  I heard years ago that this cream was a great alternative to the Bader cream (my review here); and as you know, I am more impressed with the Tatcha cream than the Bader cream, to be honest.  And yes, I use it in the summer, too (as an oily skin gal) but she shines in the winter for me.

Bag Balm ($17)

Look, you should feel encouraged that this is the #1 seller in Livestock Supplies category (hehe). But really, maybe you’ve seen me talk about Bag Balm before because my mom has bee using it since her hippie 70s days.  When the kids, Eric, or I have chapped anything in the winter (my mom used to stick it up our nostrils before we went to bed when our noses were chapped from a cold–it works), we load it up with Bag Balm.  Lately, I’ve been sealing my nighttime skincare in with Bag Balm (it’s called ‘slugging’ on TikTok–turns out, my mom has been ‘slugging’ for decades).  Also bonus: one container lasts me years!  PS It smells medicinal…and not in a good way…but it works.  If it’s good enough for cow udders….

CeraVe Hyaluronic Acid Serum (only $12!)

Ok, story time!  I forgot sunscreen when traveling back to my in-laws in Ohio and they have a Rite Aid pharmacy just around the corner.  Also, I was picking up diapers and sunscreen and found myself in the skincare aisle as they were running a 2 for 1 CeraVe sale and I have fond memories of using their cleanser years ago.  I saw their Hyaluronic Acid Serum and was like, “what the hell” as my much more expensive version (Skinceuticals) was running low (also snagged their sunscreen which is awesome for the price).  I have bought some $100+ hyaluronic acid serums and this one is honestly just as good.  It’s a great extra barrier in the winter but I use it all year round (I only use it in the AM and after my C E Ferulic Acid–it’s a great follow up to any Vitamin C serum!).

Laneige Lip Mask ($22)

Been buying this for years because nothing compares (trust me, I’ve tried).  Amazing for winter but I use it year round; it lasts a while, too!

Farmacy Cleansing Balm ($34)

I wish I didn’t love this so much because I use it quickly, but it cleanses SO WELL all while locking the moisture in!  As a result, your skin feels soft and supple–not stripped.  Sometimes amazon will mark it down so keep an eye out!  Also, I love a cleansing oil and want to try this by Farmacy, too.  

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil ($42)

Ok, so this isn’t for your face but your body is not to to be neglected! I discovered this shower oil at the Four Seasons Denver in 2019.  I just couldn’t believe what this luxurious, magic elixir was! It smells soft, yet expensive and makes your shower experience a total spa-like experience.  It also makes you skin SO SOFT and makes shaving a dream.  I purchase the refill these days and it lasts forever.

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