Sézane Paris Picks



I’ve loved Sézane for years (remember this pre-pandemic post?); classic, cool girl pieces and best of all–you can truly channel your inner Parisian.  I have lots of Sézane pieces from years back that I’m still loving and wearing; they just GO with my wardrobe and fit in so seamlessly.  It’s classic but not boring and reminds me a bit of Isabel Marant but doesn’t break the bank.  When I went to Paris in November, I knew I had to stop by one of their many stores (and I’ve been to the NYC location) and I scooped up a few pieces.  

Their spring line is most likely dropping soon but you know what?  It’s going to be cold for month so snag some winter pieces (lots you can wear year round) for spring!  

Oh, and here’s a few more of my Sèzane picks because I didn’t take home nearly enough.

woman wearing green sweater from Sézane Paris Picks

Oversized cardigan (wearing a small)

woman wearing white coat from Sézane Paris Picks

Marlon sherpa jacket (wearing a 4)

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