Sailor Take Warning (See Jane Wear)

Anthropologie shirt, H&M striped tank, J Crew (thrifted) shorts, Dolce Vita sandals, Ray Ban retro cat sunglasses

As promised on Friday, I didn’t do much this weekend.  I actually ended up feeling a little under the weather which was ironic (or cruel, I can’t decide) as it was the most beautiful weekend we’ve had in months.  I had grand plans of working on some wedding crafts, but ended up laying around most of the time (although, I did force myself to lay around outside when it was 80 yesterday).

Eric and I went to meet with our wedding officiant on Sunday for brunch and this is what I threw on.  You have no idea how nice (and unfamiliar) it felt to grab a pair of shorts and a tank top.  Don’t worry, though, the cold weather is already making its way back in to the windy city.

How was your weekend?

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