Real Outfit Recap

Whew.  I’m so glad it’s Friday.  It’s been an emotional week.  As you know, we’re moving to the suburbs in March.  You might also remember that we lost a house we were under contract with and we were supposed to close on that house in early January.  Unfortunately, our nanny that has been a part of our family since Harry was three months old couldn’t make the trek to the burbs with us (understandable – it’s far!) and since we were moving she made arrangements to work with another family.  It was her last day on Tuesday.  We knew it would be a tough transition and I’m definitely feeling the effects of the change.  Harry is struggling big time, too–she was all he knew in terms of a caretaker while Eric and I are at work.  She was family and like I said before, it’s been an emotional week.  The move in March will also be emotional – 2018 is the year of feelings, apparently.

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