Back to School: Preschool Style

It’s a big couple of weeks in our household.  Harry starts Kindergarten today (see his school supplies here).  And next week, Teddy is starting school!  He has a mid-September birthday so he just misses the cut-off of being in the 3 year old pre-school class; he still has a few years of school before he enters kindergarten.  He won’t be going every day but I’m so excited to see my youngest baby off to school.  The first years of his life have been play, play, play (as they should be) and even though he’s headed to a play-based preschool, I’m excited to that’s going into a more structured program–I think he will love it. (By the way, he knows the alphabet, counts to 10, and loves to be read to, but I try not to push it too much because he’s still so young.) . You don’t need much for a preschooler but you can find all these essentials for an amazing price at Walmart.  Some they will take to school and some we keep for home for continued learning (plus, it’s going to be a long winter).  Teddy doesn’t start school until after Labor Day but I’ll have them before then thanks to Walmart’s 2-day shipping!

Washable crayons – I give my kids crayons and coloring books to keep them busy while I cook dinner–these will be perfect for Teddy.

Playdough, numbers + letters – Preschoolers LOVE play-dough.  Teddy’s school will have it every day (and we have to make it); this will be great for home.

Batman backpack – Teddy’s favorite (along with Lightening McQueen AND Toy Story–ha).

Extra underwear – Are you perplexed that underwear is on my back to school list for Teddy?  Don’t be–he was just potty trained and most classrooms require a spare outfit and underwear to be kept at school…you’ll most likely be rifling through it!

Big preschool workbook – I love getting my kids these workbooks to work on together after school; they love them and we only work on them for about 15 minutes a day.

Safety scissors – School time = scissor time!  Lots of time for arts and crafts so it’s time to get used to cutting.

Garanimals jogger set – I’m sorry, but this is the cutest little jogger set I’ve ever seen.  So perfect for the Tedster and at $8, it’s a no-brainer.

Pencils – Some for the boys, some for me (I always need pencils at home).  But always Batman for the boys (not me).

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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