Back to School Supplies for Kindergarten

Holy moly, it’s August.  I know everyone says that summer flies but this year was an extreme case.  In Chicago, we had a rough spring and June was basically a deluge so summer didn’t feel like it started until the 4th of July.  Here we are in August and my little Harry will be starting Kindergarten later this month.  (insert sob here)  The days are long but the years are short, guys.  He’s been alive for half a decade and is about to embark on YEARS of school.  He’s super excited, loves learning, and I’m going to do my best to help keep that up.  I personally loved school and the night before the first day, I remember laying in bed, wide awake, just so excited and nervous about the year ahead.  Do you know what else I loved?  Shopping for school supplies (shocker: I’ve always loved shopping).  Harry is already making a list of what he needs for school so I suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I’m teaming up with Walmart as *the* back to school destination (they truly have everything) and to show you what I’m snagging for Harry before he starts his elementary school journey!  The best part?  Walmart has everything at such incredible prices and super fast shipping; hey, it adds up when you have to keep buying your kids colored pencils after they lose them!

Herschel backpack – Harry’s favorite backpack!

Crayola colored pencils – A must for your kiddos; and colored pencils are so much less messy than markers.

Elmer gluesticks – I much prefer glue sticks to traditional Elmer’s glue…who’s with me?

Westcott scissors – Buying a multipack to keep at home (because we always lose scissors).

Yoobi pencil case – This brand is the cutest and they have backpacks, too!

Primary Composition Book – Extra wide margins for beginner writers–perfect for practicing!

Pencils – He’s learning to spell and write so pencils with erasers are a must.

BrainQuest – I was OBSESSED with these flashcards as a kid (do you remember them?) and Harry loves working on books like these; he will love!

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!


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