Creating a Neutral Nursery

As you might’ve seen on stories, I plan on decorating a gender-neutral nursery for baby #3.  And I finally bought my first item for this baby–wallpaper!  It’s actually the only thing I’ve bought at all.  I’m almost 30 weeks and the ol’ nesting phenomena hasn’t kicked in yet; perhaps it won’t?  I already have quite a bit of baby stuff and honestly, babies don’t need *that* much, so I think we’ll be ok.  But also, as I have said to my therapist, I might be in a bit of denial about this baby coming because of what happened with my last pregnancy (you can read more about that here).  

We don’t know the sex, which is why I’m planning a more neutral nursery.  I also don’t think we’ll be in this house forever so I think a neutral palette will go farther for resale purposes.  Plus, once we bring the baby home, I can pull some color in with blankets, crib sheets, artwork, etc.  I also plan on using most of the furniture I bought in 2014 when I was pregnant with Harry; I love the idea of all my kids using the same things.  And lucky for me, I picked pretty neutral items back then and most of it is still available!  So check out below what I’ve had forever and what I’ll be buying for bebe #3.

Creating a Gender-Neutral Nursery

What I already own:


Crib (not pictured)



Rattan pouf

What I’m buying:

Wallpaper (Also on sale here)



Floor lamp

Roman shades (not pictured)

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