Augustinus Bader Rich Cream Review

augustinus bader rich cream review

Augustinus Bader Rich Cream Review

I love luxurious skincare. But I also love a great value.  I always try to seek out skincare products that are effective, first and foremost.  It doesn’t matter how great a deal is if it doesn’t work!  So when I started hearing about the infamous Augustinus Bader Rich Cream moisturizer the past couple years, I was intrigued; so many love and swear by it–I knew I had to give it a go and give it a go I did.  After over 30 days of using JUST Augustinus Bader Rich Cream at night, I’m here to share my perspective on it.

A little background on my skin: it’s combination with oily tendencies (had some teenage pimples in my youth and a little adult onset acne after college) with dry spots here and there in cold weather.  I’m always looking for products that help me achieve an even, brighter, skin tone.

Augustinus Bader Claims

Dr. Bader worked with burn victims and this cream promotes skin cell regeneration and renewal, which is why those who love it wake up with plump, refreshed skin that’s glowing.  They want you to use it for 30 nights straight after cleansing, so you can experience the full Bader effect.

My Experience with the Rich Cream

First of all, I bought the Rich Cream for nearly $100 off at Blue Mercury during a sale.  I don’t think I could ever spend $265 on a face cream; I choked a little spending $170 on moisturizer, but I really did want to see what the hype was about and to see if I could just use Bader cream! 

So, I did just that–over 30 straight nights (and every few mornings) of Augustinus Bader Rich Cream directly on the skin.  I’m not going to lie, I have a lot of skincare products and I missed the serums and acids that I normally apply.  But the timing was also perfect–I start the 30 days of Bader during some of the coldest days of the year; if anything could help me combat the dry, winter weather, it had to be the Rich Cream!

The packaging is so incredibly luxe; it had better be for that price, right?  The consistency of the cream reminded me of Elmer’s glue, in both smell and feel.  I was a little surprised by that because I had built it up in my head to be super silky.  I felt like I really had to press it in for maximum absorption.  And when I woke up?  My skin did feel plump and hydrated!  I don’t really have any fine lines yet so I can’t speak to that.  Did my skin look 25 again?  No, sure didn’t (and for the price, I was kind of hoping I did).

What’s the verdict?

To me, Augustinus Bader Rich Cream didn’t make any noticeable improvements to my skin that my normal skincare routine wasn’t already doing.  The plump, hydrated feeling I experienced can be achieved through other products I use (and intermittent facials!).  I’d honestly rather get a facial than rebuy AB Rich Cream.  Don’t get me wrong–it’s a nice, luxurious moisturizer and I would be willing to pick up up again for a discounted price again (I can’t pony up $265 for that….it’s not worth it).  Because I’ve never had much of an issue with dryness, I am certain that affects my review of the cream; it seems as those with dryer skin truly benefit from what Augustinus Bader Rich Cream has to offer.

I love retinol, AHAs, oils, etc–and when I try Botox, I hope I love that, too (ha)–I’m not willing to put those aside for the Rich Cream when the results are similar.  Perhaps in combination it could be an incredible combination but I haven’t tried yet!  Now that my 30 days are done, I am going to experiment with my other products in tandem with Augustinus Bader Rich Cream.

When I initially bought the cream, SO many of you messaged me on both sides of the fence. 

Some claimed that it transformed their skin in an amazing way!  Others said it wasn’t worth the hype.  I have a handful of blogger friends that I trust implicitly when it comes to skincare (Helena and Grace are the first two that pop into mind) and they swear by it! I believe them when they claim it’s their holy grail of moisturizers. But I also know that skincare is so personal and what works for them won’t always work for me.

What I hope in sharing this review is it gives you some context behind the polarizing reviews you may see out there.  I will always share the stuff that doesn’t work–that doesn’t mean it’s a bad brand. But giving you my authentic experience is more important than anything.  I will also share the stuff I really like, and again, that’s important to me because you may discover a brand or product you really love.  That’s how I have discovered 90% of my own skincare routine–through the recommendations of others!

Will you rebuy Augustinus Bader Rich Cream?

For now, I will finish the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream.  Like I said before, I DO like it and will certainly update you should my feelings towards it change; maybe I will like it more once I reincorporate my trusty steeds, like retinol.  I think I’ve become accustomed to more dramatic results from retinol, acids, P50, and regular facials, that it would take a lot for a moisturizer to wow me.  In fact, I think after this runs out, I will be rebuying the Tatcha Dewy Cream because I miss it (and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper)!

If I could snag it again at a deep discount, I feel like I would (after I finish my next Tatcha Dewy Cream, ha). Writing this post also made me realize I should do a separate post on other skincare favorites I’m loving lately (my last post is from 2018!)!

Have you tried Augustinus Bader Rich Cream?  Or maybe the original cream?  What are YOUR thoughts?

  • Loved that you shared this review! I also bit the bullet and bought this during the Blue Mercury sale! I have combination skin and opted for the original “The Cream” version. I stopped all my other skincare and have used it exclusively morning and night for 28 days. I have noticed a considerable difference in pore size (especially around my nose). I also agree, it would be hard to give up the other skincare that is effective so I think moving forward I will continue to use Vitamin C during the day and alternate between Bader and acids at night. I will most likely by again but will wait for another sale before purchasing.

  • Thanks for the honest review! & check out derm Shereen Indriss on YouTube – she has great, practical skin care tips & product recommendations. Things don’t always have to break the bank to be effective!

  • Beautiful rich cream which plumps and firms skin. Perfect for pre foundation, glides on and absorbs quickly… although at times it can react with my sensitive skin.

  • A good article, a good book can change the fate of so many people. Thanks for the valuable sharing, please keep it up to date and I will always follow you.

  • My skin responded well and helped recover a bad dry spot. I was then able to switch back to my less expensive beauty regime. Love the product, but can’t justify the price tag. I realize that the proceeds help fund burn victims research, which is a noble cause, but mama’s gotta pay the bills.

  • Thank you for the review. I’ve been debating making this purchase but the price has deterred me. Maybe I’ll try Tatcha Dewy Cream first. 😉

  • I also purchased and used it for 30+ days. I didn’t truly notice a huge difference for the exorbitant price. I don’t think I would ever purchase again without a big sale or discount.

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