My Invisalign Experience

woman showing her Invisalign results


I did it–I did Invisalign and I’m finished!  It feels good and I thought I would document the process, like why I did it, the cost, the results and whether or not I think it’s worth it. 

My Invisalign Experience

Ok, why did you get Invisalign?

Like so many, I had braces decades ago.  I wore my retainer religiously until it eventually broke in high school and I was like, eh, ok.  I even had a permanent bottom retainer and it also broke (and cut the hell out of my mouth) and my teeth shifted.  The past five years, I’ve really noticed my bottom teeth shifting and I’d been thinking about it for awhile.  When I went for a check up at my new dentist, she said scanned my teeth for free and said she did Invisalign Express for some patients.  I decided to get a quote and go for it!

It was mostly for vanity purposes, but when I saw how it would improve my bite, I felt like that pushed me over the edge to go for it.

Does it hurt?

I had braces as a kid and I remember it being SO painful.  Like, I wouldn’t be able to eat for a solid day after getting them tightened because it was so sore.  It is NOT like that with Invisalign.  Put a new tray in at night and if it bothers you, pop an ibuprofen but I rarely felt the need to do that.  I would notice that the first day of a new tray gave me a bit of a tension headache but it was brief.

How much did it cost?

My dentist checked my insurance and I had $1500 of orthodontic coverage that would be covered.  I’m not sure if every case is different (I’m assuming it is? And not a flat fee?) but my Invisalign was $3200.  And yes, my insurance covered the full $1500, which was very exciting! (I have Delta Dental). I paid the rest out of pocket.

Will my dentist do it?

I’m not sure–you need to ask them; not all dentists do Invisalign.  Also, check your local orthodontist!  If you’re in the Chicago North Shore suburbs, I went to Dr. Alia at Enamel and Root–she’s my normal dentist and great!  I also know a few people who had done Invisalign through her.  She won’t do severe cases or kids; she will refer them to an orthodontist.

So, you’re happy?

SO happy.  I only wish I would’ve done it sooner.  I’ve done a lot of reading and I have heard that teeth can shift a little and I’m VERY paranoid that my bottom teeth will shift ( I feel like one maybe has moved a millimeter) so I might see if I can get another permanent retainer in to go with my removable retainer.  

One of the biggest downsides is they can get annoying to wear.  I had a permanent lisp and I couldn’t snack as regularly as I liked.  But I lived through to tell the tale!

Would recommend 100%! It’s so much easier to floss now because my bite was expanded, too!  Little added bonus for me.

My other advice would be to realize that your teeth are your teeth.  They won’t look like perfect veneers when they’re done and that’s ok!  Veneers seem like an expensive investment and I know people who have had them and love them but it’s not what I wanted.  My teeth are healthy and they’re not perfect but I was happy with them even before Invisalign–now I’m even happier with them!  I do have one shorty tooth (next to my front tooth) that I may get bonded to even them out eventually but I haven’t explored it yet.

What other questions do you have?  I received so many messages from people that also did Invisalign as an adult and were super happy with it, too!

woman showing her Invisalign before and after photos results


  • I’m starting month 2! Expected to have them for 18 months and I’m 13 weeks pregnant. Reviews like yours are encouraging. I’m so hopeful for when I get them off and no more crooked teeth. How long was your treatment?

    • My initial treatment was 10 trays and my dentist let me change weekly (although some weeks I would keep them in a littler longer, like when I was traveling and taking them out more). Then I did one set of refinements, which was also 10 trays; it was a total of seven months! (Oct – April)

  • Thanks for sharing your experience! Reviews like yours are helpful. I just started a month ago. Did you have to have fasteners? How long was your treatment?

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m on Day 2 so was nice to read someone else’s experience.

    How long was your treatment? Looks like I’ve got 9 months. Are you a clincher or grinder?

  • I’m 2/3 of the way done with my treatment. I lost 5 pounds right off the bat bc I was so vigilant about keeping the trays in for 22 hours a day and cut out a lot of grazing. I’ve become less strict over time and even whip them out in public if it seems no one is looking, unlike at the beginning when I’d run to the bathroom. The results are amazing. They’ve changed the shape of my face. I frequently get canker sores and for some reason Invisaligns have made them less frequent and severe.
    If no one has mentioned it, I recommend using Alignment Cleaner foam. It’s like a whitener that you pump into the trays and leave in.

  • Super helpful! I recently had an appointment to discuss Invisalign with an orthodontist. I haven’t decided yet but I feel like I was heavily directed to braces (had braces as a kid, retainer fell out, issue is primarily with my bottom teeth). They said braces would take half the time, 6-8 mo versus 14-16 mo. But, can I really do braces as an adult?!

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