My Layering Philosophy

I always receive questions about layering and I had to really noodle on what my hard and fast rules are.  I’ve lived in a four-season climate my whole life and I’m no stranger to layers, but to articulate it, rather than just show it, proved a little difficult.  So I looked back at past photos, analyzed my closet and realized that my philosophy on winter layers is pretty simple:

  1. Thin, breathable sweaters make the best layers.  Cashmere is my favorite here, but there are some acyclic blends that feel luxe and are breathable, too (this H&M sweater I’m wearing is a prime example).
  2. A classic, white button-up is usually overlooked as an MVP when it comes to layers but brings a certain level of crisp and prep to any outfit. (See how I style it three ways here)
  3. The reason why I love coats and jackets so much?  They’re your outer layer.  Coats are 100% part of your outfit.

You might be like, “What!  That’s it?!” but it’s something you can’t overthink.  If it’s really, really cold, wearing tights under jeans is another tip I have, but that’s more for survival rather than style.  My tried ad true layering style tips are those above.  So, I really do want to know–what are yours?   Share the wealth!

PS If you’re looking for more winter inspiration, check out 10 Ways to Style a Turtleneck here.

winter layering tips

winter layering tips

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