Shop Your Closet: Classic, White Button-Up

shop your closet - classic white button-up styled 3 waysI’m a big shopper–always have been.  I’ve loved shopping for clothes for as long as I can remember.  My mom was more of a discount shopper so I would carefully pick through the sale racks at her favorite department store or the local TJ Maxx.  However, I consider myself a savvy shopper and I’m great at finding a deal.  I’m not very impulsive; I hem and haw over most purchases for a few days, sometimes months, sometimes years.  Now at 34, I’m not afraid to invest in pieces but I truly think about how an item contributes to my current wardrobe and what kind of addition it will be to my closet.  Here we are in the new year and if you’re like me, you’re purging or curating your closet.  I’d also encourage you to shop your closet–breathe life into old pieces that you once loved.   That white button-up in your closet that you haven’t even noticed lately?  I got you.

I took this project to IG stories this week and polled you all on rather you’d want me to style a classic, white button-up or crew neck sweater three different ways.  It was basically a 50/50 split so I did both!  (Each item gets their own dedicated blog post, though).  I hope this inspires you to find new ways to wear things you already own!  Now the classic, white button-up is the workhorse of your wardrobe…if you let it be.  Maybe you pass over it in the morning because you think, ‘it’s too boring’–but it doesn’t have to be!  Treat it as your most valuable layer (heh).  My favorite white button-up is slightly oversized, a cotton-poplin (I like that it’s a little stiffer); I’ve had it for over four years and even wore it while pregnant!  Because it’s so old, I can’t link it for you BUT I found this Everlane button-up and it’s pretty damn close (and a great price point).  Check out three different ways I styled it below:

shop your closet - classic white button-up styled 3 ways
Styled the white shirt underneath a mock-neck sweater and winter white jeans for a perfectly, preppy look: similar white button-up (shop more button-up shirts here), Everlane sweater, Everlane jeans, Gucci loafers (shop more loafers here)
shop your closet - classic white button-up styled 3 ways
Paired a white shirt with a high-waisted midi skirt and add a chic belt–a chic look for the office: similar white button-up, old Zara skirt (similar skirt here + shop more midi skirts here), Gucci belt (look for less here), Sol Sana booties
shop your closet - classic white button-up styled 3 ways
I love a good white shirt all tied up–gives it a little playfulness and adds some spice an otherwise humdrum jeans look: similar white button-up, Avec Les Filles coat (similar coat here), Citizens of Humanity jeans, Sam Edelman heels (old but similar)



  1. Just a fan note, I have you bookmarked and always read to see how you make basics stylish. You’ve rescued many mornings for me with outfit inspiration. So I just wanted to say thanks.

  2. I love the look of a white button down but I’ve never found one that fits right. I don’t even have big boobs to get in the way! This inspires me to keep looking for one that fits.

    • It can be a tricky buy; I never liked how I looked in them…I have a boyish build, and thought they just accentuated that but once I embraced the classic-chic elements of a collared shirt, I never looked back 🙂

  3. Help! How did you tie your GG belt to get it to stay like that??? Would love the option to where mine like that so I do not have to get it cut down.

  4. Can you comment on sizing of the Gucci belt? Looking to add one to my wardrobe for belting at the high waist as you show on the left. Not sure whether to leave extra room to wrap it as you do — did you size up? Can you wear it at the high and low waists or just the high waist? Thanks!

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